Notes from the Media Center

April 2016

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As the year is winding down there is lots to do all around campus, including the LMC.

Here are a few things that are in the works:

Inventory: Inventory of textbooks, projectors, doc cameras, and any other materials that are checked out through the media center is quickly approaching. Please help me in facilitating this process as we prepare to inventory. I will have more information to come regarding this process, but know it is never too early to start prepping.

Last Day to Check Out: Last day to check out items from the media center will be Wednesday, May 4th for students; this is to help facilitate returns and inventory that will take place throughout May.

Overdue Notices: In the next few weeks overdue notices will be sent out to students; I will do my best to be as least intrusive to instruction as possible.

iPads: At the end of the year I will be doing some major clean up and restoration of our iPads in order to provide better quality performance from these devices in the future. If there are apps that you use regularly for instruction please inform me via email of those apps so that I can have them uploaded onto the devices for your use.

March Book Madness

March Book Madness was a great success. We had many students who participated in completing brackets, voting, and reading the contenders.

Thank you to all of the students and staff that participated and promoted this interactive display.

Stop by the LMC to see who had the winning brackets


to check out our April display.

Technology Talk

Example PowToon - Education
PowToon: This site allows students to create mini-animated videos and presentations using “avatars,” icons, images, voiceovers, and more. A great resource for allowing students to get creative with technology while showcasing what they know.

Kizoa: This resource is a fun alternative to PowerPoint as it allows students to create presentations in more of a movie format while utilizing slide options and interfaces with which they may be more familiar. This resource is very customizable; a great option for a little challenge or a little more advanced creators.

Glogster Edu: Another alternative to PowerPoint that allows students to create interactive posters. This is a pretty straightforward resource once you get the hang of it.

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