The Bobcats and the Man

A Fable by Caden Schaffer

The Bobcat and the Man

One time in the middle of the fall, a Bobcat named Willy was living happily with his wife named Amy, and their cub named Joey in their cave. But one day in the middle of the night sometime in fall, an unknown man came into the woods with a torch and let a nearby tree on fire. Willy woke up to the crackle of the fire and saw that the man was lighting and destroying every tree, bush and grass that he saw. Willy made sure that his family was sound asleep and put a boulder over the entrance of the cave to make sure that they were safe and then ferociously attacked the man. The man got bit several times and almost fell into the fire before running away out of the woods. After the fire was put out, the man wanted to apologize to the bobcats, but Willy attacked the man once more. The man was under arrest for causing damage to the woods and was guilty on that chain bed for the rest of his life.

The Theme

The theme of the story "The Bobcats and the Man" Is: Doing mean things for your own joy gets u no where in life.
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