Write Here, Write Now

Writing in Every Class

Writing in Every Class?!?!

Yes! The CCRS standards have a literacy strand for every content area that includes a writing component. Examples include writing arguments for a specific content area, writing informational text about a process or event, conducting research, and writing routinely over an extended period of time. Whether students write in a journal, complete a quick write, or explain how they solved a problem, be creative in ways to incorporate writing!

5 Reasons to Write

  1. Writing is a great way to assess what students know.
  2. Writing is an essential skill that all students need.
  3. Writing helps boost achievement because it actively engages students.
  4. Writing promotes independent thinking.
  5. Writing promotes critical thinking.

Literacy Design Collaborative

The Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) consists of teacher created tools and resources that incorporate literacy skills in every classroom. FHS has partnered with LDC this year and Mrs. Graves, Mrs. Hester, Mr. Ricketts, and Mrs. Colvard-Davis have been involved in LDC training and implementation in their classrooms. There are many, many great strategies and lessons available to you. LDC has a great search feature in which teachers can specify the content area they teach and what literacy skill they wish to develop in their students. And voilà, lessons appear!

Tech Tools for Mechanics & Creative Writing

Tech Tools for Organizing Information

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