La Paz, Bolivia

Seek the exraornary city

La Pazes feasts

Dig into a bite of La Paz food. These are the meals of the day and what is most is commonly served. Breafeast is a rush people are off to work but have just enough time to grap some chicken soup. The most important meal of the day in this city is lunch. Lunch, in most restronts is served an appertizer, soup, a beef or chiken dish and desert. However lots of resapies in La Paz have meat in them and many fruits. In fact La Paz breafeast is called desuyuno. Lunch is called almuerzp. Finally dinner is called sobemse. So come and enjoy the wounderful food.

Languages of La Paz

In boliva you might hear many languges like Spanish, Aymara, and Queschua. Yet Quechau was the language of Incan empire and as a resuilt it is still spoken by 13 millon native people today. Also the Aymara peolpe retained their language apart attemps to suppress it by both Incas and Spanish. Finally one of the romance languages is spanish which is orignated from Latin. In conclution even though it has many diffrent language they all get together well.

Advanture the famous sights of La Paz.

The hahoco has power over the dramatic lise of Incan empires. Tianhuanah is a very impressive site becaues much of the stone that has been carried away from weathering. The Beni the Marrore River collects much of the water that floes. The Lacajahuia River flows south from the Poopo River and empire into the coipase calt flied .Mack sure to see the flowing rivers of La Paz.

La paz's earthly way

Seek the wounderful envierment of La Paz . Infact Bolivanas envierment remain the least damage enviorment in the world. Yet deforeation is still a problem in Boliva because so many forest ecosystem have cut down the bodies of trees. The famous Lake Titcana is the highest body water in the world lies on the north end of altiplo. There are many tropical areas and national parks. Finally eurpeans and americans are the people who mostly visit La Paz. In conclution La Paz is a wounderful place to explore.

Bump into some of La Paz's culture

La Paz's intresing history is an amazing thing to learn about . The spanish controled Bolivians back then and alot of Bolivian's land was lost because they were in wars with Chile, Brazil and Pargaway. In 1979-84 they had a war that had led them for lossing acses to the sea. Happly in 1400bc was the atliplaro, however slaves had brought spanish dance and african dances to La Paz . See the breath taking culture in La Paz.

Feel the seasons of La Paz.

Here in La Paz it is cold, so make sure to bring a sweater. Spring has fair rains and the season gose from September 21st to December 21st with an average high of 72f with an avrage low of 47f. Summer is also fair with rain and the season gose tohough March 21st to june 21st. The winter weather is cold and dry. From June 21st to September 21st. So stay warm and vist La Paz, Boliva.