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Kristin Thompson will show you how to rock your talk & profit big!

Turn your mission and message into more cash, clients, and visibility for your business. We'll show you how to rapidly grow your business speaking across multiple platforms including live in person, at workshops and conference, as well on webinars, teleclasses, sales presentations, and interviews.

I boosted my income over 200%!

I was nervous about speaking to groups and presenting what I had to offer, but knew that THIS was the skill that would make the difference. Since working with Kristin I’ve boosted my income over 200% and make a nice full-time income, part time!

I created my own marketing event, where I spoke my mission, and closed over 30% of the room! And that number jumped to 60% in my follow up!

If I can do this anyone can!

Jane Freres

I had $17,000 in workshop ticket sales & it was no accident!

As a solopreneur, selling $17,000.00 in workshop ticket sales in one month is pretty exciting! As you know, delivering good information is nice, but making sure you see heads nodding in agree…well, that’s another thing. How to powerfully deliver the presentation involves confidence, eye contact, energy. It’s not something your ‘born with’. It is learned!

Can we sustain the process? Yes! We can and did! Kristin, you have been an inspiration and a confidant since first meeting you. I recall very vividly our first chat. I can honestly say I would not have had this success without you!

Craig Krause
Speaker and Coach

It will change the way you speak and grow your business!

Get your hands on this material!

I LOVE Kristin Schiffner Thompson’s Command Any Room Course. She pulls back the curtain on how to get booked, set up the sale from the get-go, create a talk that rocks, and deliver your powerful message-all with a heart of service!

Get your hands on this material, it will change the way you speak and grow your business!

Kris Prochaska

Easily worth thousands of dollars to my business!

Before I started coaching with Kristin I wasn’t sure if I could make a living as a speaker and coach. In fact, my bank account was plummeting. While in the course, my speaking engagements increased by 500%, my income tripled and people began inviting me to speak all in one month!

I was armed with the materials, booking scripts, presentation layout and closing details that are proven to work as well as the confidence to shine!

The best part is that her program works when applied consistently with effort! I highly recommend Kristin and Command Any Room to anyone looking to rapidly multiply their business through speaking.

Megan Huber
Structured Wellness

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