Chemical Reactions

By:Ashlee Perez

Potassium Chlorate and Gummy Bear

Chemical Equation for Potassium Chlorate and Gummy Bears

This type of reaction is made up with gummy bear and potassium chlorate as you place the gummy bear in the potassium chlorate it starts to react from the gummy bear having to contain sugar in it this will make it change colors and make screaming noises.

KClO3 (s) → KClO3 (l)
2KClO3 (l) → 2KCl (s) + O2 (g)
O2 (g) + CH2O (s)* → H2O (g) + CO2 (g)
Reaction of iron with sulfur

Chemical Equation For Iron with Sulfur

Iron and Sulfur as they are combined together they start react with bright color fire when they begin to touch each other and then cools down and the two reactions separate away from each other.

8Fe + S8 → 8FeS
Pharaoh Snake Experiment

Chemical Equation for Mercury(II) Thiocyanate

This last chemical reaction is cause with mercury and thicoyanate as it light and burns to be form into a snake growing and bigger and bigger.

it's mercury (II) thiocyanate decomposition reaction:
2Нg(NCS)2 = 2HgS + C3N4 + CS2
CS2 + 3O2 = CO2 + 2SO2