by Senuja


Brisbane has a lot of hotels and wonderful Accommodation. Most of the hotels are four star rated. Brisbane has eye catching dining areas ,rooms and more.


Brisbane has lots of beautiful landmarks such as

Brisbane river, Dream world and Brisbane forest park.

Tourist Attractions

There are lots of attractions such as Mount Coo tha, Lon pine Koala Sanctuary and City Botanic garden.

About Brisbane

When Matthew Flinders first found Moreten bay. Lots of aboriginal tribes lived there. The town was conceived as a penal colony for British and England convicts sent from Sydney. Its suitibal for fishing, farming, timbering, and other things, however, caused it to be opened to free settlement in 1838. The town became a municipality.

Places to eat

Brisbane has the most coolest dining places in Australia e.g Breakfast creak hotel, Elephant

breakfast and more and there are wonderful places to eat in sunshine coast.