Welcome to Diamond Island

by: Kanya Hudson and Rebecca Orcel

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Welcome to the Country of Diamond

The Country of Diamond is a large-size island country that has mountains, crystal oceans, rivers, deserts, lakes, marshes, etc. We are a country of 1.10 million people. Our primary language is English but everyone in school has to learn one or more languages. They can choose from french, creole, Spanish,Italian, and Portuguese. Everyone is required to attend school up to the age of 17. At the age of 20 both boys and girls are required to take a training course for military for one year to prepare them for any war.The retirement age is 65 for both man and women. Everyone pays 35% of their salary in taxes.

Six Freedoms

1.Freedom of religion

2.Freedom of speech

3.Freedom of the press

4.Freedom to own private property

5.Freedom of equal justice

6.Freedom of petition

Four things that are illegal

1. No drunk driving

2.No murdering

3.No stealing

4. Don't betray your country

Type of government

The type of government our country has is a Representative Democracy because a Representative you can be elected to be apart of congress, we chose not to pick any other from of government because our country has a large population so of course direct democracy was ruled out. All the other ones were also not fair to the people an we are a free country so of course we chose Representative Democracy. Representative Democracy is easy to use in a country everyone can vote who they want to become in charge.

System of Government

The system of government our country has is a Federal system, because a Federal

system protects the citizens rights and liberties.We chose a federal system because we wanted to unify the states with both of our goals of success for the nation.We thought it would be good to stop abuse of people's individual rights at the state level. We didn't want discrimination of race or sex, we wanted a nation of full freedom.

Type of Economy

The type of economy our country has is Capitalism, we chose capitalism because it's based on private ownership of the means of production and individual economic freedom.

We also chose capitalism because we didn't want to use any idea thrown out of someone’s mouth; we wanted to use the smartest and best ideas that makes our country successful. We didn't choose any other form of economy because we wanted a freedom for all the people and freedom for the government, we thought everyone should have the right to be an entrepreneur.

What are some fun things to do in your country

Some of the fun things to do on our Island,is you can get a nice house on the beach,go to wonderful Amusement Parks,get a free ride on a helicopter to see the beautiful Island,you can also recreate some of the things that our founding fathers that made The Diamond Islands did to make this beautiful country how it is.