Top Ten TIES Takeaways 2015

The major themes of this year's TIES conference

10. Teach visual literacy

9. Failure = Learning opportunity

Research supports the Growth Mindset and yes, this applies to technology too.
Audri's Monster Trap

8. Personalize the learning

The newest trend in education is "personalized learning" and this buzzword was thrown around in just about every session I attended.

Essentially, PL is:

1. Differentiated Instruction

2. Giving students more autonomy (work at own pace, flexible learning space, choices)

3. An engaging tech-rich environment

Want to learn more? Read this article from MethodSchools "Personalized Learning: More than a Buzzword"

7. Encourage Creativity

Resources for more creative assignments:

Writing Prompts Tumblr - over 815 (and growing) ideas for writing prompts

Photos for Class - great resource for finding Creative Commons images for projects

Creative Assignment Ideas - even more ideas from Dean Shareski

6. Make to Learn

Keynote Sylvia Martinez talked about the Maker movement. Learn how to get started here: Top Ten Ways to Start with Maker Education

You can also read her book: Invent to Learn

5. Be more productive

Andrew Stillman has created numerous add-ons to make complex tasks simple in GAFE. Use formMule add-on for Mail Merge. Use AutoCrat for Document Merge. Tons more at NewVisions

Also - learn some awesome productivity tips to use with the Chrome browser here: Chromercise! (by Kenneth Griswold)

3. Code or Die

Ok, not really, but programming is the 21st century skill that sets creators apart from consumers.

Choose a language and start learning! Anybody can do it. There are tons of resources online for free. Join the "hour of code" movement. Just one hour will open your eyes to the possibilities.

Good resources:

Hour of Code

Code Academy JavaScript


2. Build your digital footprint

Biggest takeaways from Tuesday's keynote George Couros (@gcouros)

  • Start building your digital footprint NOW and teach students to do the same.
  • We mustn't "protect" kids from digital life, but show them the proper way to lead a digital life.
  • No student is too young to learn how to be a digital citizen.
  • There is no division between the "professional" you and the"personal" you. Your actions online, regardless of what account you use, are there for the world to see. Never post or associate yourself with things you wouldn't want parents, students, or colleagues to see.
  • Don't wait and don't be scared to try something new.

Start building your digital footprint by getting connected on Twitter. You can also make an page. I did it and you can follow me @morganmyree

1. Learning is awesome

For tons more resources from the TIES conference, go to:

The video below was my absolute favorite one of the conference. It reminds me of how joyous learning can be and how we should strive to give our students similar experiences every day. :-D

Kayden + Rain | Little Girl Experiences Her First Rainfall