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This flyer is to inform you about inventions and inventors of the renaissance era. It will inform you on inventions we use today and years they were created and how they were created.

Unveiling of Renaissance Inventions and Inventors

Wednesday, March 25th, 9pm

Saint Peter, MN, United States

St Peter, MN

Johannes Gutenberg

in 1436, a German man Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. This invention made an impact on the way books and letters were written. Before the printing press, everything was hand written. Gutenberg combined multiple things like ink, paper, and the movable type to make this invention.

First Flush Toilet

Sir John Harrington invented the first flush toilet in 1596. Later on it was reinvented and added to over the years and its name was constantly being changed. There were no patents when Harrington created his initial idea.


Galileo was a great and creative inventor in the renaissance era. Galileo created a wide variety of things that we still use today. Galileo created things like the pendulum, that is used today in some clocks. He also invented the telescope, something very useful after his time.