Fibromadness News Update

Welcome 2013


We want to thank you for another successful year in 2012. Many of you have had the opportunity to be a part of our mission of encouraging, educating and supporting in 2012. Our Members at Fibromadness have been a part of on-line chats,groups on Face Book,and the Meet-Ups in the Denver area too.



We continue to focus on helping people living with fibromyalgia, chronic pain and disability. Our goal is to make some significant steps in building FIBROMADNESS'S foundation for the future. As many of you know, FIBROMADNESS is currently an all volunteer organization led by Stacy J. Hall owner and creator. The time has come to move to the next step and build a solid team, add infrastructure and implement our strategic plan to help FIBROMADNESS be successful in the future.

Please consider ways you might want to get involved in 2013. Spread the word about FIBROMADNESS to a friend who needs some laughter. Help make new connections for FIBROMADNESS with a person whom you know personally like to join us in our great cause. This person could be a business owner,someone who likes to invest in charities that are helping locally and someone in the media could help too. . There are ways you can be a part of this with fund raising teams or coming up with events to help FIBROMADNESS. Maybe you know a support group, clinic, or physician's office that could use some information which we can supply for them. No matter how small or insignificant your help may seem, it helps those with fibromyalgia and chronic pain in many ways.

Join FIBROMADNESS in making a positive difference in the lives of people touched by Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain and Disability.


FIBROMADNESS uses its day-to-day work for and with patients to inform our public policy agenda. The FIBROMADNESS GOAL has two main goals: to redefine the definition of "disability" to include chronic illness; and to ensure that public policy debates about health care and health care finance reform include the voices of patients with chronic diseases.

Second, FIBROMADNESS GOAL is committed to participating in the public debate over health care and health care financing reform. Since patients with chronic diseases have more interaction with the health care system than any other group of people, if there is to be meaningful health care reform, patients with chronic illnesses must have a place at the table. Right now, that is not happening. FIBROMADNES has created The FIBROMADNESS Project as our public policy arm so that we can put out the word that patients with chronic illness have specialized needs that must be met in order for meaningful health care reform efforts to succeed.