Ancient Egypt


I'm in 4th grade and I loved doing this project for writing. It was so fun to research ancient Egypt and then put it on a s'more.

Egyptian Landmarks

Here are some Egyptian landmarks. The great pyramids of Giza, exterior of the monastery of St. Anthony, central court of Al-azhar, and a bust of Nefertiti.

How They Make Mummies

First they take out all of the organs. Then, they wrap the whole body in cloth. After that, they put salt on the mummy. Once they are done doing that, they put the body in a coffin. Sometimes they even put animals in coffins if they are special.
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Modern Egypt

Modern Egypt is just like other places. They have stores. They also have the landmarks still there. It is really hot. You can take a walk just like normal. You can swim in the red sea. Modern Egypt is just like any other place you would go.
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Egypt is a really cool place and it would be a great place to go. My mom went to Egypt three years ago. I loved doing this smore.