Serial Killers

Raul Osiel Marroquin and Richard Trenton Chase

Raul Osiel Marroquin

Richard Trenton Chase "Vampire of Sacramento"

Early Childhood, Adulthood and Social Life.

Richard was born to a mentally-ill mother and his father was an alcoholic and strictly authoritarian in his parenting methods, and was confrontational with his wife. He was a consistent bed wetter until 8, by age 10 he began making fires and killing and dismembering animals to drink their blood. (developed hypochondria) His parents divorced when he was a young boy. As a teenager he was able to attain his high school diploma with D's and F's. He would also drink and smoke dope. As a adult Richard continued with torturing animals and drinking their blood and his hypochondria worsened. Ironically, he got blood poisoning, stomach problems and was suffering from head injuries. Richard dated a lot of women however they stated that he couldn't maintain an erection. He also made them uncomfortable and his rejection of females was an impact to why he made women as his targets. He held no emotional bonds to either friends, family or victims.


He wasn't healthy when he committed his crimes because of him drinking blood. His first crime was a drive-by at the age of 27. His second crime was less than a month after the drive-by, he killed a 22 year old with 12 weeks of pregnant. He first encountered her outside when she was taking out the trash. He shot her through the hand and shot her again after she went down. He then dragged her in the house, he sexually assaulted the corpse. Without remorse he carved a nipple of her body and disemboweled her. He also stabbed a lot of organs like the breasts, liver, the lungs and took out the kidneys. He then smeared and shoved dog feces into her mouth and took a bucket of blood for later consumption. He admitted to kill 6 victims. Richard Trenton Chase was captured by the police after leaving several hand and shoe prints in blood at his last victims residence. They found even more blood caked evidence in his apartment. Now on his own, Chase began to capture and kill small animals. He would eat them raw sometimes mixing parts parts in a blender with Coca Cola and drinking it like a milkshake.


Richard was sentenced to death on May 8, 1979. Committing suicide with an overdose of prison-doctor prescribed antidepressants that he had been saving up for the last few weeks on December 26,1980.