BY:Heather Moore

Sacagawea as a orphen

Sacagawea was orphaned just as a child. She was then forced to live on the street. She learned everything by herself. She went and learned the land on her own. She tought herself to survive.

young mother

At the age of 10 sacagawea was kidnapped and sold to her husband. At the age of 12 Sacagawea had a child. She raised it all by herself. She then had to take the baby everywhere she went, like on the exspedition with Lewis and Clark.

she helped lewis and clark.

Sacagawea helped lewis and clark on there journey to the Pacific ocean. She helped them navigate through the land. Sacagawea did not actually goal the way to the pacific. She had her baby on her back the whole time. She knew the land better than anyone, due to her being on her own.

did not go all the way to the pacific

Sacagawea helped the two men but she did not go all the way there. After she helped them she left. She went all the way back home, with her baby on her back.

went to St.Louis

Sacagawea reached home and left with her son and husband to St.Louis. They considered to live there. The rest of there tribe came with them. They did not like the idea of living in civilization so they moved back to the wilderness.