Foundation Newsletter

January 2017

Looking back on 2016 and looking ahead too...

Our autumn term was packed with so many wonderful things. Your children has a great start ti school life and have learned a great deal. Learning to read, write and count is not always easy, but the children have put in so much effort to make the leaps that they have. We are very proud of them.

Our portfolio afternoons went well, with lots of parents supporting us and the children. The books are filling up with a range of photographs and work that the children are incredibly proud of.

The Christmas plays were a huge success! Thank you for supplying the costumes and clothes for the children to wear. They performed so well and surprised everybody with their confidence and volume. It is not easy to perform to so many adults in an audience.

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Our new topic

Here is a summary of what the children will be learning in each of the seven areas of the Foundation Stage curriculum. The topic is called 'Travelling'.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children will be thinking about the different ways that they travel around, whether it is in a car, on the bus or by taking public transport.

Communication and Language

Our communication and language will be developed through the continued circles in class where every child has an opportunity to speak and be listened to by everyone in the class.

Physical Development

The children will be doing gymnastics and other active games in the hall. After each lesson they will take part in their 'Golden Mile' challenge in the playground. The class will track their individual miles and we will look at which class is performing well over the course of the term.


The children will be working on an activity called 'Hold a sentence' this half term. This is where they repeat a short sentence and learn to identify all of the key aspects, such as starting with a capital letter, including fingers spaces, blending the sounds in the words and remembering the full stop at the end. The children will complete a variety of writing tasks in lessons, such as writing lists, using adjectives and extending their ideas independently.


Number time will continue with opportunities for quick choral counting, numeral recognition and shape work. In maths we will also be introducing addition, subtraction and money.

Expressive Arts and Design

There will be opportunities for the children to act our travelling by different means. We will also have activities for the children to build, create and draw their own vehicles.

Understanding the World

In the homework books the children will be able to explore a variety of questions linked with 'travelling. In computing we will introduce the Beebots. These are little robots that the children can program.

Dates for your diary

Monday 6th - Friday 10th February - eSafety Week

Tuesday 7th February - Safer Internet Day 2017

Wednesday 8th February - Bears Maths morning and portfolio session (9 - 10am)

Thursday 9th February - Crocodiles Maths morning and portfolio session (9 - 10am)

Friday 10th February - Lions Maths morning and portfolio session (9 - 10am)

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How can you help?

Have you got the school app on your mobile device? If not, we really recommend that you download it so that you get updates from the school. You will get reminders for important dates too. It's a great new app. Check here for details.

Homework: Look at the ideas in the pink homework book for ways of supporting your child with the general topic.

Reading: Please make sure that you read with your child a couple of times a week. Daily reading really does make a huge difference to your child's progress. Inside the reading wallets you will find targets for your child to give you the next steps to focus on. Remember to sign/initial and date a square on their record sheet. When this is full it is entered into a prize draw.

Mystery Reader: If you would like to come and read a story to the children in your child's class then we would love to welcome you into school. The idea of mystery reader is that the children do not know who is coming. You can arrange a suitable time with the class tecaher in advance. We love to hear stories read in a range of languages: It does not have to English and this really helps us to celebrate diversity here at Heronshaw.

Come along to our Foundation Portfolio sessions, which will be held in February. These will be linked to our maths morning.

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