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History About the Canals

Ever since the days of Jamestown and Plymouth, America was moving West.TRAIL BLAZERS had first hewn their way on foot and by horseback.HOMESTEADERS followed by WAGON and by either keelboat or bargeboat, bringing their possessions with them. Yet, real growth in the movement of people and goods west started with the canal.

For over a hundred years, people had dreamed of building a canal across New York that would connect the Great Lakes to the Hudson River to New York City and the Atlantic Ocean. After unsuccessfully seeking federal government assistance, DEWITT CLINTON successfully petitioned the New York State legislature to build the canal and bring that dream to reality. "CLINTON'S DITCH," his critics called it.


Man made water ways for travel/ or shipping. Spurred west moment

Famous Quote - I loved the quick ride to New York City (Samuel G)