what cause the American Revolution

Who started the fight

Proclamation of 1763

the king said that they could not go into the new land that they fought

for because the king did not have enough money to start another war.

stamp act of 1765

The king did not have enough money to pay the soldiers so he made the people pay taxes

even though the king was 3,000 miles away and the people got very made at the king.

The townshend acts of 1767

These acts plays dutys on glass,lead,paint,paper and tea.

The Boston massacre 1770

The red coats opened fire on unarmed colonist because one of the red coats got

a club thrown to its head.

the tea act 1773

Colonies were only allowed to buy tea from the british east india company.

The boston tea party 1773

Colonies dumped tea into the bosten harbor. the red coats shut down the boston harbor.

The intolerable acts 1174

1. boston harbor was closed in till the tea was payed for.

2. g.o.v. decided legistrashen should should meet.

3.offishals refused of crimes were sent to british for trile.

4. A new quartering act required colonist to house britsh solders.

Lexington and concord

It was the beginning of the revolution when fist shots was fired