chick info

learn about the chicks

learn about incubation, candling, the hatch, and brooding baby chicks......

Incubating is a time where a chick has not hachet and needs to stay in a incubated to stay warm or it will die .

Candling is when you look inside of an egg with a light without harming the egg and see what is happening .

Hatching is when a chick comes out of its egg.

Teen is when a chick is between a adult and child.

Adult is when a chicken is fully developed .

not all chicks hatch............

Sometimes chicks don't hatch. When the egg gets to hot or to cold it might die inside the egg. When a chick does not hatch this is called a dud.

pics of incubation, candling, and brooding............

Things that chickens have to help.....

Egg tooth

Egg tooth is a part of the beak that the chick pips the egg with.After it hatches the tooth goes away .


The chicks hatch with long and sharp toenails to protect them.