Third Grade Loves to Learn

Maple Grove Elementary

December 11, 2015

Grizzly News

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Christmas Program Rehearsals and Performance

1st and 3rd Grade Christmas Program - Rehearsals every day next week.

School performance (not necessary to dress up) – Dec. 15 2:00

Parents performances - Dec. 17 - 9:30 & 2:00

This year we are doing “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

The students will all be representing the “Whos” (except those 3rd graders with speaking parts) So, I would like all students to dress festive, dressy, whatever you can do. I have some dress pants, shirts, shoes, and dresses if anyone wants to borrow, first come first served. If anything can be done with hair, to look a little extravagant, that would be awesome! Take a look at the movies for ideas. Even just a big bow!

The backdrop will be going up on Thursday - 10th and Friday -11th if anyone can come and help out during the day.

See you soon!


Book Exchange Next Friday, December 18th

Thank you for contributing books for our classroom gift exchange. We are so excited for this fun little activity.

If you are unable to provide a book for the exchange, just let me know in an email. I am more than willing to help with a book donation. :)

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Weekly Academic Overview

Math: Fractions: bar models, number lines, iterate beyone one whole.

Reading: Only Tier II groups this week due to program rehearsals.

Language: Plural and Irregular Nouns, Cursive Handwriting

Spelling: Review of final stable syllables. No new words due to program rehearsal.

Technology: Practice typing skills, practice with

Mrs. Self's Contact Information

208/854-5566...Self classroom phone

Mrs. McMullen's Contact Information

208/854-5567...McMullen classroom phone