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The untold crisis: Poverty in Madagascar

Brief History of Madagascar

100 AD- settled by people of African and Indonesian descent

800-900- A bit of trading going on between Madagascar and the Arabs 1500- first European on Madagascar

1830- first kingdom, start of a written language and spread of Christianity

1840- France and Europe both try to settle

1890- Through war France wins 1918-Madagascar doesn't like that France has all the power so they start a war, taking over major cities

1960- Madagascar gains independence

Poverty today in Madagascar

Living in a third world country there are lots of problems to solve but in Madagascar every time someone tries to solve that problem the are exiled. Which means they obviously do not care about their people. This factor also explains why half of the population is upper class and half of it in poverty.

The problem is the media. The fact that more people know about Madagascar the movie than Madagascar the country. This resulting in a lack of foreign aid.

The only problem in Madagascar we can't solve but maybe live with is the cyclones.

Future and Political Coaliations

Based on current events the economy will look better in Madagascar although it will just be more wealthy people and people in poverty. Living habits will go from bad to worse. The government will continue to abuse their power. The use of child labor will increase. The population will continue to rise. New adversaries are created in Madagascar as fast as they are broken off. Often motivated by short-term opportunistic reasons, once they've accomplished their goals sticking around to help Madagascar just has a negative impact on their country


We have to become a political adversary for Madagascar for a long term goal

Helping the government includes creating a better education and inform the entire population, they can't exile everyone. Also we need to set a minimum wage.

In the media department we wanted to start a foundation with Dreamworks, the developers of the movie Madagascar. And more importantly just make people aware of whats going on through social media and the news.

To work around the cyclones we need to set up shelters and better architecture throughout the entire country and inform people of the safety involved when a cyclone comes through.

Setting up a basic frame of free pubic education will demote the use of child labor and help the next generations thrive.

The future of Madagascar with our help

With our help the people of Madagascar will earn basic human rights, a bigger paycheck due to the minimum wage set in place. The government will stop abusing their power and solving the media problem will create more foreign aid. The way people live will improve greatly.