Coke vs Pepsi and New Coke

new coke

Why they changed coke to New Coke

On April 23,1985 the Coke company changed their legacy formula for Coke and it was the first formula change in 99 years. The reason they changed the formula was because the Coke company's lead over its competitors had been slowly slipping, and consumers preference for Coke was decreasing. So the Coke company changed their soda formula to help sales, but it ended up lowering sales.

Back to Classic Coke

Cokes anticipated sales projection based on their new formula change, ended up not providing the win that was expected, which created a downfall in the company's sales. Due to this, on July 11,1985 Coke went back to its original soda formula. The change back was so popular that it ended up on two TV network news stations. Coke and New Coke were still sold in stores but more people bought the original Coke then New Coke.

Pepsi vs Coke

Pepsi franchise

The Pepsi franchise is known as a challenger brand. A challenger brand is one that is seeking an edge against a dominant firm, like Coke. But taste tests show that even when loyal coke consumers try both Coke and Pepsi with out knowing the brand, they choose Pepsi because consumers like the sweeter taste of Pepsi more.

Coke franchise

Coke is a leading brand in the soda business for multiple reasons. One of the things Coke is good at is how they advertise. Cokes advertisements help them in sales because of the influence they have on consumers to buy their product. Because of cokes edge on advertisement, they have built a loyal customer following and that is one of the many reasons why Coke is a leading brand.

Best soft drink


After all was said and done and the dust had a chance to settle, coke won the competition against Pepsi. Though consumers during multiple blindfold taste test choose Pepsi over coke, their coke brand loyalty doesn’t allow them to pick anything other than coke. Why is this? Because Coke adds remind you of happy things, like celebrations or polar bears, which make you like the product even more.

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Polar Bears Commercial 2013