Red Lion Area School District Newsletter - Fall 2022

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It's been four months since Dr. Scott Deisley shared his intention to retire from the Red Lion Area School District on January 11, 2023. Upon this notice, the search for Red Lion Area School District's next Superintendent of Schools began right away.

Our first step was to canvas the education landscape. After seeking out our local network of possible successors, we're now diving deeper into a nationwide search with the help of Tom Templeton, Founder and Creative Director for TEMPLETON, Advantage.

Tom Templeton has more than 20 years of experience working with school districts, including several districts throughout York County, bringing them together with high-quality individuals and leadership candidates.

Working closely with Tom, we have clearly stated our needs, expectations, and the qualities we wish to have in our next Superintendent of Schools. Tom is an excellent resource for this journey, and we feel confident and optimistic about our next steps.

While our search is ongoing, Dr. Deisley continues to faithfully lead and support our students, administration, and staff. As your Board of School Directors, we promise to remain rooted in our District's mission and vision for Real Learning for Real Life throughout this process.

We're grateful for the abundance of time Dr. Deisley has provided us before his retirement so that we may complete an exhaustive search while he maintains his legacy of stability and strong leadership in our District. Our Board meeting schedule can be found here, and we'll keep you "in the loop" as we move forward.

It's going to be a great school year for the students, staff, and families of the Red Lion Area School District. Go Lions!


Dr. Deisley is starting a Book Club!

Dr. Scott Deisley is an avid reader. As a member of several book clubs for many years, he finds great value in connecting with others over topics, themes, and ideas.

So, he's starting his very own RL Book Club and hoping you'll join!

Dr. Deisley's Book Club launches after Labor Day with the book,

The Happiness Advantage - The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

by Shawn Achor. This book gives the reader practical principles and tangible action steps toward a happier life experience. Achor's teachings are based on decades of scientific research, delivered in a funny, easy-to-digest manner that's sure to interest any reader!

If reading a good book, spending time with interesting people, and learning alongside your fellow community members sounds like something you're interested in, click here.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the coming days and weeks for more information. And don't worry, if social media isn't your thing, we'll send all the details and information you need through our Skyward email system soon.

Let's get excited and tell our friends and neighbors about

Dr. Deisley's community-wide Book Club starting soon! Go Lions!


We have a new Career Coordinator at the

Red Lion Area Senior High School - Mrs. Pam Scott!

Mrs. Pam Scott began her career in education as a business education teacher at both the junior and senior high levels. After 12 years in the classroom, Mrs. Scott transitioned to school counseling and joined the RLASD Counseling Department. She has been a committed part of our team, guiding students in our District for 17 years.

With a strong background in business education and her expertise in counseling students toward their greatest potential, this new role fits Mrs. Scott perfectly! We're thrilled to have her in this important position and expect her to continue the legacy of growth and progress in our Career Department for many years.

Check out our Career Center here and encourage your students to explore their limitless possibilities with Mrs. Scott this year!

Thank you, Mrs. Pam Scott, for your continued service to our students and school community!


"It's going to be a great year! Dr. Deisley and I recognize the excitement within our new principals and leadership team. We believe in our staff and students and feel positive moving forward into the 2022-2023 school year. There are great things ahead for our school community!"

- Eric Wilson, RLASD Chief Instructional Officer


Introducing our new RLASHS principal, Ms. Dana Schmidt!

Following Principal Mark Shue's retirement announcement, our school administrators took a deep dive into the needs of our students and the qualifications necessary for the next generations coming into our high school building.

Excelling as assistant principal under Mr. Shue, it was clear Dana Schmidt possessed these qualifications and was ready to take the lead.

Read about Ms. Schmidt and view her personal mission statement here.

We've seen firsthand the strong foundation Dana Schmidt's education has given her, but her life experience and work in the field prove she's ready to take on this important leadership role in our District. Ms. Schmidt has a visionary mind, and she's been a good steward of the everyday workings of our senior high school. She's a rare find; we're so glad to have her in the RLASD.

We are proud to announce our FIRST FEMALE Red Lion Area Senior High School principal, the one and only - Ms. Dana Schmidt!


Introducing Mrs. Kelley Romyn!

Coming to us from a neighboring school district, Mrs. Kelley Romyn is a new Assistant Principal at the Red Lion Area Senior High School, joining current Assistant Principal, Ms. Melissa Scrivnor.

Mrs. Romyn has not just one, but two bachelor's degrees, a Master's degree, and a Principal Certificate! Mrs. Romyn is committed to education! These are fantastic accomplishments for her and having her on our team is a big win for the Red Lion Area School District.

Read more about Mrs. Kelley Romyn here.

Mrs. Romyn strives to support all students and families along their educational path, and we're eager for her to join our Mighty Lions on their journey. It will be a powerful year in the Red Lion Area Senior High School!

Welcome to the Pride, Mrs. Romyn!


Introducing Mr. Christopher Hewitt as a RLASHS assistant principal!

As we begin another school year, we're happy to announce the new arrival of another assistant principal to the Senior High. York County native Mr. Chris Hewitt fits in perfectly with our RLASHS administrative team, and everyone is itching to get started!

An educator with more than two decades of experience, Mr. Hewitt brings knowledge, wisdom, and a big heart to our District. We know our students and families will enjoy getting to know Mr. Hewitt and benefit greatly from his kind nature and strong leadership.

Stay tuned to our RLASHS website to learn more about Mr. Chris Hewitt.

Welcome to the Red Lion Area School District - Assistant Principal Hewitt!


Introducing Dr. Amy Landis!

She is back to her RLAJHS roots, this time as principal!

Many know Dr. Landis as our Locust Grove Elementary principal. But did you know that she began her RLASD career as RLAJHS assistant principal? She did! And from there, she quickly made her way to Locust Grove, where she has served our school community for the past five years.

Read more about Dr. Amy Landis here.

Dr. Landis' doctoral degree in Transformational Leadership is a perfect fit for our junior high school-aged students! Helping students transition from their primary school years into their secondary levels of education is fundamental to their school success. Dr. Landis will excel in leading our RLAJHS students and staff in our Junior High building. We know her drive, experience, and expertise will positively impact our junior high school community for many years to come.

Thank you, Dr. Amy Landis, for your consistent dedication to our school community. We appreciate you!

We're proud to announce Dr. Amy Landis as the new principal of the Red Lion Area Junior High School! Go Lions!


Introducing Mr. Michael Beal!

Joining our Lion Family just in time for the start of the 2022-2023 school year, Mr. Beal is a welcomed addition to our administrative team. Our RLAJHS students and families are in for a special treat with the administrative dynamic duo of Amy Landis and Michael Beal!

Self-described father, husband, assistant principal, sports enthusiast, and destroyer of the achievement gap - Mr. Beal is ready to get to work! Serving students in education for more than a decade, Mike Beal's passion and enthusiasm for the success of young learners is infectious. RLASD is fortunate to have him in our Pride.

Keep watch on our RLAJHS website to learn about Mr.Michael Beal.

Welcome to Red Lion Area School District Assistant Principal, Mr. Michael Beal!


Introducing Mrs. Julie Burnetto, principal of Mazie Gable Elementary!

Mrs. Brunetto loves Red Lion Area School District so much she drives from Lancaster every day to be part of our Pride, and we couldn't be more grateful!

Mrs. Brunetto has been with our District since 2014. She's served as a teacher in Windsor Manor and Mazie Gable and as assistant principal in our RLAJHS. Now she's back to a school building she cherishes, her beloved Mazie Gable Elementary. This time as principal!

To see Mrs. Brunetto is to like her; to get to know her is to love her.

See her with her family and learn more about Mrs. Brunetto here.

Mrs. Brunetto is excited to serve as principal, and we're excited too!

Our Mazie Gable Elementary staff, students, and families are sure to have a wonderful

2022-2023 school year with Mrs. Brunetto leading our growing Mazie Gable Lions.


Introducing the new principal of Locust Grove Elementary School, Mr. Christopher Barry!

The only people who aren't happy about Mr. Chris Barry's new role as principal are our Senior School Principals - Ms. Schmidt, Mrs. Scrivnor, and Mrs. Romyn!

Just kidding! All three principals are thrilled for Mr. Barry and the Locust Grove Elementary school community. But they are sad to see him leave his role as assistant principal of our RLASHS where he served as a remarkable leader and teammate.

There's a lot to learn about Mr. Chris Barry.

Get to know him a little more by reading his bio here.

Working within our District in several capacities since 2014, Mr. Barry is a school community favorite! He has performed so well in all of his District roles, we know he will serve as an excellent principal at Locust Grove Elementary. Our LG staff, students, and families will love knowing that Mr. Barry is in the building, and we will too!

Congratulations, Mr. Christopher Barry!

Mr. Michael Langan

Introducing Mr. Michael Langan as principal of Clearview Elementary School!

The 2022-2023 school year marks Mr. Langan's first full year as principal of Clearview Elementary. Entering Clearview Elementary as an interim principal in December of last year, Mr. Langan quickly realized this particular school community was where he wanted to continue his service within the Red Lion Area School District.

Mike Langan is committed to education, in his own life, and the lives of all of his students. In the classroom, gym, and walls of his school buildings, Mr. Langan brings his love of learning and care for others to everything he does.

Read more about Mike Langan here.

We know our Clearview Elementary staff, students, and families are thrilled to have Mr. Langan carry on in the position of principal. And we're glad to know our Clearview Elementary School community remains in good hands. We're grateful for Mr. Langan's continued commitment to our District and look forward to him staying on our leadership team for many years to come.

Congratulations, Mr. Michael Langan!

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Did you know interest in Personalized Learning is picking up traction all across America?

It's true! Parents and guardians seek this approach to education, wanting to provide their children with the best learning experience to meet their student's individual needs.

While others begin to realize the opportunities in Personalized Learning - we're ten steps ahead!

Dr. Deisley introduced the concept of Personalized Learning to the school community in our last District newsletter. We're continuing to take our time implementing Personalized Learning in our District. An evenly-paced rollout will allow us to create our own RL brand of Personalized Learning and provide teachers the opportunity to explore how it plays out in their specific classrooms.

To get an idea of Personalized Learning, try to picture a classroom that doesn't have a “one size fits all” approach to education. Imagine the teacher doesn’t lead all students through the same lessons - at the same time - testing at the same time - in the same way. Instead, the teacher connects to the class on a deeper level, guiding each student on an individualized journey! The what, when, where, and how of learning gets tailored to meet each student’s strengths, skills, needs, and interests. And our teachers get to know and understand each student - personally.

Personalized Learning gets students engaged in learning and excited about their education!

Some things, of course, will remain the same. Students still need to meet the standards required for their grade level and to obtain a high school diploma. What does change - is potential!

  • The potential to better meet the needs of students with learning and thinking differences.
  • The potential to reduce the stigma of special education.
  • The potential to spark creativity and new interests.
  • And the potential for our students to achieve our District's mission and their greatest potential in a more meaningful way than ever before.

More to come on Personalized Learning in RLASD soon. Go Lions!


As you read earlier in this newsletter, I love to read!

I enjoy reading anything, but I'm a big fan of reading and learning about history. I think there is a lot to gain when we take the time to understand the lessons and failures of generations before us.

There are times in history that bring about great seasons of change. Times when unique events and broader knowledge spark human interest and social movement. I believe that right now, we have reached such a time; as a country, a community, and as individuals.

As a District, we want to explore this season of change. As we welcome a new school year and engage in the possibilities of new approaches to education, it's time to figure out who we are and what we truly want for our future. For ourselves, for our families, and for this community.

In the coming months, let's come together to move forward with intention and purpose...

Let's learn, read, talk, examine, explore, and lift our Many Voices into One Roar!

Join our book club; let's read together and learn from one another.

Find new ways to spend time as neighbors and friends over coffee and conversation.

Attend our RLASD events this school year and show our students what it means to be part of a Pride.

Become a member of our Community Advisory Committee, volunteer, and make a greater impact!

Coretta Scott King said, "There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. Let's put her theory to the test! It's time to come together, move in the same direction, and create the Red Lion Community we want to see.

It's been a pleasure serving this school community as Superintendent of Schools for the past 11 years. I am unwavering in my commitment to the Red Lion Area School District, and I'm more excited than ever to work and serve by your side. Go Lions!

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