Manuel Noriega


Manuel Noriega life

  • Noriega was born in Panama City

  • Received most of his education at Military School of Chorrillos

  • Started off in the Panama National guard in 1967, later became a lieutenant in 1968

  • He received a promotion to lieutenant colonel and was appointed chief of military intelligence by Omar Torrijos.

  • Noriega worked with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from the late 1950s until the 1980s

  • "corrupt dictator heading an efficient narcomilitaristic regime in Panama. He was involved in drug trafficking, arms smuggling, money laundering, and the ruthless oppression of his people."

  • He played a key role in American efforts to contain the spread of communism in Central America. Historically, Panama was strategically important to the United States because of the Panama Canal.

Noriega Capture News Footage

Video Explanation

The News video depicts Noriega very well, its shows his dictatorial qualities such as an the cancelation of a democratic election showing that he is in control and not the people " One holding complete autocrat control." is the Definition of a Dictator. In my opinion this video shows that he is exactly that putting himself in power over others. He also ignores the peoples needs and focuses on his control and power. The video also talked about other negative qualities of the Panamanian Dictator such as being a drug lord. That is not the something the people wanted their leader to be, He should have been a role model. Its also interesting how in the begining he gained control because he was a puppet of America but now they are taking his power away.

Goodbye Letter

Dear people of panama,

This is your leader Noriega, first of all I would like to apologize for all the mistakes I have made as your leader. In a few hours I will be arrested and taken away and you will never hear from me again. Even though i am leaving i still wanted to say i’m sorry, i had the oppurtunity to so much good in the country but all i did was abuse my power. I would have been able to change most of your lives for the better but instead i focused on bettering my own. I am a selfish and awful person i deserve whatever happens to me. I had the support and protection of the united states which could have helped our country out a lot in many different ways but i lost it. These are my final words before i depart


Was Noriega's impact on Panama and the rest of the world Completely negative, was there any positive aspects of his reign?