United States

By: Amber and Lynessia


United States has a good stable government and that makes the whole union a stronger country. America has a lots of natural and beautiful sights to see.It has a lot of available jobs across the country and it is known for starting new beliefs.

Were should I travel?.

U.S.A Physical features

America has 50 states where you can travel and visit with physical features that make it unique. There are lots of natural and beautiful sights to see such as; Niagara Falls in New York, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Hawaii (Hawaii islands are well-known for their interesting culture full with beautiful traditions, customs, cuisine.) , and Grand Canyon in Arizona.


Religion: there's a lot of different beliefs that believe Catholic,Christianity,Buddism, Hinduism and a lots more America was know for starting new believes


Food:there's alots of different food diffused from all over the place there's mexican food,and American food all types of food you dream of is mostly in America

Restaurants: Mc Donald's,Whataburger,Burger King, Taco Bell,Dominoes,Sonic,Panda expresses and alots more

Sports in the US⚽️⚾️

Sports are an important part of the culture of the United States. Developed in North America: American football, basketball and ice hockey. Soccer and Baseball are also very popular but were developed in the UK.


Music in the US⬇️

There are several categories and genres such as; Classical, country, hip-hop/rap, Blues, Electronic, Jazz, Pop, metal, R&B/Soul, Reggae,


Holidays: Independence Day (July 4) , New Years (Jan 1) , Veterans Day , Thanksgiving


✨Oprah Winfrey

✨Lady Gaga

✨Beyonce (everyone loves beyonce)

✨Justin bieber


✨Tom cruise

✨Jay z

✨Kanye west

✨Kim kardashian

Latest movies

  • delivery man

  • catching fire

  • Frozen


  • iPads

  • iPods

  • Mac

  • Beats

  • Window