NA Year-end Performance Management

REMINDER of Key Actions for Coaches & Proteges

Performance Management Q&A Sessions this week with your HC Business Partner team

Please join your HC Business Partner team this week for Q&A sessions via GoToMeeting to provide additional clarity about the performance management process. Calendar invitations forthcoming.
  • Wednesday, January 15th, 11am-12pm EST
  • Thursday, January 16th, 1-2pm EST

Please note that you will only need to attend one session. If you are not available for these sessions, please send your questions to your HC Business Partner.

Please review actions listed below that need to be completed in preparation for our upcoming year-end roundtable sessions.


1. Individual Development Plan: Ensure that your Project Objectives and Career Objectives are in CapInTouch. Under the Career tab of CiT, click on Performance History to access objectives for H1 2013 and H2 2013. You may enter objectives under the three categories (Delivery, People, Client). Add your objective to general Career Objectives (to be seen/approved by your coach) and/or any projects that you've set up (to be seen/approved by your project manager). The project manager that you designate for a specific project will be the person giving you feedback for your work performed.

2. Supplemental Feedback: Although there is not a formal supplemental feedback function as part of the "Career" tab in CiT, you can still request supplemental feedback in the following ways:

  • Set up an Internal Project for longer term non-billable work lasting 4+ weeks (i.e. proposals, business development, and internal initiatives) and designate the supplemental feedback provider as the Project Manager.
  • Thank You Badges - the feedback provider can send you a Thank You Badge on CiT and provide details around your involvement and assistance.
  • Regular email - the feedback provider can send comments to your Coach via email with a copy to your HC Business Partner.

3. Self-Appraisal: Although there is not a formal self-assessment section as part of the Career tab in CiT, it is mandatory to provide your own assessment about your performance against your objectives by clicking the "Comment" button below each specific objective.

4. Schedule 1:1 Meeting with your Coach prior to the roundtable if your coach has not already done so.


1. Review and approve/deny your Protégé's objectives. These will appear in your Alerts.

2. Review all performance feedback for your Protégé(s) in CiT (project appraisals and crib sheet).

3. Schedule a 1:1 meeting with your Protégé(s) to discuss your evaluation before the roundtable session.

4. Attend roundtable meeting(s) as needed to represent your Protégé(s). Be prepared to come into the roundtable with a solid understanding of your protege's performance over the past year. During the roundtable, HC will provide a slide with key metrics for your protege (billability, last promotion date, etc.) and you'll be asked to provide your recommended rating (competency/contribution) for your protege. You will have five minutes allotted for discussion of each individual so please prepare your comments in advance and keep your presentation concise (2-3 minutes).

5. Communicate any messages to your Protégé following the roundtable. Although you may release your written feedback before the roundtables, no ratings are to be communicated to your Protégé(s) until HC has confirmed.

Year-end Roundtable Dates

The domain roundtables are kicking off on January 23rd. All Coaches will be sent calendar invitations for their respective roundtables. Detailed timings by level will be sent out shortly.

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Coach's Input

Please familiarize yourself with your Protégé’s project history and performance feedback and summarize your roundtable comments to about 2-3 minutes on the following topics:

  • COMPETENCY RATING: Your recommended Competency rating. Please come prepared with examples of your Protégé’s strengths and areas for development focusing on the Global Competency Framework (see link below)
  • CONTRIBUTION RATING: Your recommendation for Contribution rating and any mitigating factors related to billability, if applicable
  • PROMOTION: Your assessment of whether the individual is ready for promotion, and why

We expect each Protégé discussion to take approximately 5 minutes including presentation and any discussion. Promotion decisions will be made at a separate promotion meeting.

Criteria for ratings

These are the criteria you will use to determine recommended ratings. Please also refer to the competency framework.

Competency Assessment

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Contribution Assessment

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Promotion Consideration

Nominees for promotion will be selected if the roundtable participants determine that they have demonstrated sustained performance at the next level. Nominations will be reviewed at the NALT meeting in early March 2014.

If you have any questions, please contact your Human Capital Business Partner:

Banking - Kimberly Sawyer

Canada - Tara Kostadinov

Capital Markets & ATP - Kristen Maloney

Corporate Services - Tana Session

Technology - Jennifer Hung