Area 6 Campus Support Team

What Can Our Team Do For You?

Current Training and Support

  • The Fundamental 5 - Framing the Lesson
  • Effective Lesson Planning
  • The Fundamental 5 - Frequent, Small Group, Purposeful Talk about the Learning
  • Continuous Support

Framing the Lesson


By knowing where you intend to go, you increase the chances of you and the learner ending up there. Guides the teacher relative to the planning of instruction, delivery of instruction. Before the lesson is prepared, the teacher should have a clear idea of what the teaching objectives are. What, specifically, should the student be able to do, understand, care about as a result of the teaching.

Product (Formative Assessment):

Guides the learner; helps him/her focus and set priorities and allows for analysis in terms of the levels of teaching. Students should be able to recap what you have taught them, telling or showing you what they have learned.

Effective Lesson Planning

Planning and being prepared is where it all begins. Using the TEKS, online curriculum resources and a model planning template to create effective and engaging lessons.

Frequent, Small Group, Purposeful Talk about the Learning

Why is this important? Student talk is more powerful talk. Listening to each other versus listening to the teacher all day long. Smaller group for easier assessment and differentiate on the fly. Important to build these small group purposeful talk “moments” into the lesson as you are planning.

Continuous Support

We are available to offer classroom support such as modeling lessons and working with teachers one on one or teams, as needed.