E-Safety Update

Spring 2014

E-Safety at JSD

Earlier this term I held an e-safety workshop for JSD parents. We covered a number of topics including changes in terminology in regards to e-Safety, parent perceptions of e-safety and the development of the curriculum.

Like many phrases and terms in education, 'e-safety' has evolved. In the past e-safety was synonymous with cyberbullying, chat rooms and stranger danger. However there is a need to cover a much wider area of knowledge in respect to the safer use of technologies.

This brief update has some new terms that you should become familiar with. I have also included a link to my workshop presentation and links to useful resources for parents. E-safety is not taught in isolation as it is integral to all aspects of the ICT curriculum. Hopefully this update will provide you with additional information to support this and if you do have further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Craig McNeil

JSD Learning Technology Manager

E-Safety Workshop Presentation


Digital Citizenship

There are nine elements to Digital Citizenship. Each element looks at how technology impacts different parts of society. We move beyond how technology effects us personally to our wider community, country and even the world. Topics like digital law, digital access and rights and responsibilities are discussed. The topics are challenging and are usually discussed in the upper primary. Visit www.digitalcitizenship.net for more details.

Digital Literacy

The aim of Digfital Literacy is to 'empower students to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world'. Topics range from self-image identity, copyright and cyberbullying and are accessible to all ages. Visit www.digital-literacy.org.uk for more details.


This term best describes our traditional view of e-safety. More focus is made on child protection online as well as being aware of one's online identity. Try www.safenetwork.org.uk for more details.

Digital Parenting Guide

Vodafone has produced one of the best resources for parents in regards to the safer use of technologies. There are checklists for all age groups that provide excellent tips for parents. There are also tips and tricks for managing the technology you have at home. Visit the magazine via the link below.

Vodafone Digital Parenting Guide

Year 6 Digital Leaders

I recently recruited 7 Year 6 Digital Leaders. Their aim is to share their perspective of technology and the impact it has on themselves and their peers. They have already been sharing their expertise with the teaching staff at JSD during our last staff INSET day. You can read about their day here. The Digital Leaders will be sharing their thoughts about e-safety and the latest technological trends in an upcoming update.

Additional Links

There are numerous websites dedicated to Safeguarding, Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy - a simple web search will provide lots of information. However here are some starting points.

Common Sense Media

Think U Know?


CBBC - Stay Safe