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September 2015 Newsletter

A Note from your director:

Can I share my heart with y’all for a minute? I owe you an apology. I am growing as a leader, and learning what that looks like in my life and in my business. That sometimes means growing pains. I’ve not Celebrated, Encouraged, or Rewarded y’all they way I should. You ladies are working some amazing businesses out there, and deserve more recognition! But please know...I SEE YOU! And I promise from this day forward to work much harder to make sure you know that!!! I am SO VERY GRATEFUL for each one of you, and the role you play in my life and on this team! We could not function as a team without the dedication I see from each of you. So, here is the long overdue newsletter you all deserve...enjoy the recognitions, welcome our newest Precious Rubies, and take note of all the great news from the company! And I promise, you will from here on out receive a newsletter every month! ;)

Thank you for the work you do, and the encouragement you are to each other and to me! We truly are BETTER TOGETHER!!!
Blessed to be your director,

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First Six Weeks of Summer

Sabrina Faulk
Angie Poyner

Second Six Weeks of Summer

Kasey Strange
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CONGRATULATIONS to the following ladies for reaching their StartSwell goals this summer!

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Team Sales - $10,158.00

Active Consultants - 34

Number of Parties- 21
This time last year:

Team Sales - $ 9,271.00

Active Consultants - 26

Number of Parties - 18

Team Sales - $13,059.50

Active Consultants - 32

Number of Parties- 27
This time last year:

Team Sales - $5,649.00

Active Consultants - 26

Number of Parties - 14

Team Sales - $8,932.00

Active Consultants - 26

Number of Parties- 19
This time last year:

Team Sales - $10,695.00

Active Consultants - 27

Number of Parties - 20
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New Consultants Start HERE

Thirty-One Today is full of amazing resources! Check them out!

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I am here for YOU!

I would LOVE to hear from you and learn about how I can help YOU!
Please reach out to me when you can!
Heather Spell, Independent Director
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