The Memory of a Cat

Emily Bayliss

Tears cloud my vision,

As I walk down the hall.

My bedroom is empty,

Now that you're gone.

I can still hear you,

Making those sounds;

Purr, meow, meow.

You'd been there always,

Since you were born.

I remember that day,

Like yesterday morn.

Your eyes were glued shut,

You wouldn't move; you liked to stay put.

You were the one,

That was different to me,

I always knew how special you'd be.

As I grew up,

You did too.

I'd lay down in bed,

with you right beside me;

More often than not,

You'd stay there 'till morning.

You'd give me company,

And bathe me in warmth,

Until I woke up in the morn.

Copper, my cat,

You'll be cared for.

The places you'll go,

You'll never be bored.

But because you beat me to death,

My heavy heart must go on,

But you'll always be my cat and forever live on.

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About Copper

Copper is the black and orange cat. She lays down beside her mother, Cupcake (The white and black striped cat), and her sister Anya (the red furred cat). Over the years, Copper has gained several nicknames such as Copper Bopper and Coppero. She loves to roll around in the dirt and to snuggle at night! Her favorite thing to do is to bother me while I'm working (i.e. she will lay on top of the book while I'm reading). She is loved and cared for, and still very much alive. :)
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