Alcatraz Monument

By angel rocha

Alcatraz paper

You think Alcatraz is just a prison? It's not. Alcatraz is a very unique place. It has its own very unique island. But when it was a prison it was very good at its job as a prison.

When Alcatraz was a prison it carried the most dangerous criminals in. It was a very famous jail. If you were a criminal in there you could not escape, there was no possible way out. And if you did get out, it wouldn't be easy to get back to land.

Alcatraz had its own island located on the San Francisco Bay, under San Francisco. The island was about 22 acres long and about 121 feet above sea level. And it was an amazing prison until one day it got closed.

Facts on Alcatraz are that on 1963 it closed as a prison. But it didn't just stay there and not become anything. It has now 14 million visitors a year. It's one of the most famous monuments in the US. It belongs to the golden gate national recreation area, it's been apart of it scince 1973.

So In conclusion, Alcatraz went from one of the most famous prisons where no prisoner could escape and that held most dangerous prisoners in the world to becoming one of the most famous monuments in the USA. So what do you think? Are you going to make plans to go there and visit?

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5 facts on Alcatraz.

1. It was almost impossible for somebody to escApe that prison

2. Alcatraz prison was on its own island

3. It is part of San Francisco history.

4. It had the most dangerous prisoners.

5. It now is one of the most visited attractions in the USA

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