Rylee Blake

Some may not know me, some do, but either way, you don’t know everything about me. And that’s why I’m writing this. My name is Rylee Dawn Blake and I am eleven years old. I am a dance champ, a student, previous spelling bee winner, a daughter to Hollie and Johnny Blake, and a sister to Avrey Blake. I have brown hair, green eyes, and I am extremely petite.My hobbies include dancing, all sports, and singing. The types of dances I do is do hip hop, tap, jazz, lyrical, ballet and any other kind of dance you present to me. My favorite style is jazz. When I grow up I want to either be a rockette, a hair stylist or a doctor. I enjoy caring for people in need and being a leader in groups to help not just me, but other people succeed. I am kind, caring, and responsible.

Spelling Bee Winner

In December 2012, I won the spelling bee.

I Dance At Mia's Elite

My life is dance, dance, dance!


My favorite design is zebra print!

Rylee's 12th Birthday!

Sunday, April 6th, 12am

I'm going to be 12 on April 6, 2014!