Sipley School Weekly Howl

Week of September 7, 2015

Today counts so take the time to enjoy each moment.

Tom Hierck

A Brief Howl

This Howl will be brief because Angela and I added a meeting time to discuss recently shared information pertaining to grading, reporting, pacing, and other aspects of curriculum.

Conference Room

Our conference room will be off limit to students this year. Under no circumstances can students work with staff in that space or go into the room to get items. There is student information and soon to be staff work in that space, which is confidential. Confidentiality will be maintained during any parent meeting. Thanks for your cooperation.

AR/Million Word Wall

Our Million Word Wall has a fresh new look. The vision was that we would place names on the wall inside the books via a strip of paper with the student's name on it, using a cool font. In the past we based the names on how many words were calculated in Accelerated Reader. While AR may motivate some readers, it doesn't motivate all readers. Some students simply want to read without worrying about taking a test when they are done. So, the addition of names will be based on two elements. 1. We will continue to add names based on words read, calculated by Accelerated Reader. 2. We will allow teachers to submit names to Ryan to add to the wall. These names should represent those readers who go above and beyond in their classroom and stand out amongst their peers as to the amount of reading they are doing along with the consistency of their reading.

On the topic of AR, please do not keep students in for not reading, but hold them accountable for incomplete work required outside of school in other means, such as parent contact.

Thoughts on the Article Below?

What are other ways that we can help students in monitoring their behavior in more private ways?

A Glance at the Week Ahead

Monday - No School

Tuesday - Curriculum Night - 6:30 - 8:00 - 6:30, Principal Session, 7:00, Session 1, 7:30, Session 2

Thursday - Evacuation Drill to Edgewood - 9:20

Friday - Midday Collaboration - Meeting for non-classroom teachers interested in learning more about changes to reporting, grading, and curriculum.

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