Our Great United States

By: Kelby L.


As you may know there are five regions in the United States. I am in 4th grade and in 4th grade this year we have been learning about the five regions and their states. The five regions are the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and the West.


First we will start off with the Northeast. The Northeast is very famous for growing fruit. One way that they grow fruit is by vineyards. Vineyards are rows of vines that will eventually have thousands of grapes on them. Another way they grow fruits are by bogs. Bogs are where you grow cranberries. In the Northeast there are a lot of lighthouses. Lighthouses help guide ships to shore when it is dark or foggy outside. Another thing you may find interesting is that the Declaration of Independence was wrote and signed in Pennsylvania which you can see is in the Northeast by the picture below.


Next we will head to the Southeast. The Southeast is quite big compared to some of the other regions. The Southeast is also famous for growing things, but not necessarily fruit. The Southeast is famous for growing tobacco. In the Southeast there is a hurricane season. The hurricane season is from June through November. As you know Florida is in the Southeast so the Southeast has the Florida Keys. The Florida Keys are a chain of low islands.


Next we'll go to the Midwest. The Midwest is famous for their rich soil. The rich soil allows the Midwest to be one of the best crop growing regions in the U.S. One thing about living in the Midwest is that one day you could be at the pool and the next you are up early in the morning because it snowed two feet overnight.


Next we'll head over to the Southwest. As you may know in the Southwest there are Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arizona. All four of those states are very hot in the summer and can be in the winter too. In Texas there are a lot of cattle and horses, but in the past couple of years farmers haven't been able to take care of these animals because it is so hot and dry that the animals die from starvation and dehydration. One good thing about the Southwest is that if it is cold where you live you can always go live in the Southwest for the winter.


Last we will head over to the west part if the United States. The West is a very big region. The West is also known for it's very hot weather in the summer and in the winter. The West is a 'region of extremes.' No, not extreme stunts but extreme weather. One example is that in California it is hot and dry but in Alaska it is cold and wet.