West,North & South Europe Brochure

Erykah Summers

Western Europe

  • Western Europe has a long and sophisticated culinary tradition.
  • Austria,Belgium,France,Germany,Liechtenstein,Luxembourg,Monaco,Netherlands
  • Germany: sauerbraten- a beef roast marinated in vinegar with cloves, bay leaves and peppercorns ; stollen- a yeast with dried fruit
  • Belgium: Carbonnade flamande- a beef stewed in a thickened broth with onions and brown sugar; Endive- a white lettuce called "white gold" is added to cream soups or braised with a sauce of lemon juice and sugar ; Potatoes are stuffed, masked for pancakes and croquettes, or fried as pommes frities ( french-fried potatoes) which is served Bearnaise sauce
  • Netherlands: Stamppot is a mix of mashed potatoes or leeks with kale or cabbage
  • Liechtenstein and Luxembourg: Roesti- pan fried, shredded potatoes and onions; Smoked pork and broad beans or Judd mat Gaardebounen
  • Austria: Torte- a rich cake made with small amount of flour and often with ground nuts or bread crumbs
  • France: Baeckeoffe - a braised dish with meat, potatoes, and onions

Northern Europe

  • Foods from this region tend to be filling, yet creative. They often include fish, curved meats, and diary foods.
  • Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland
  • Denmark: A smorrebrod, or open-face sandwich , which includes whole wheat bread and rye breads are topped with a variety of spread and toppings, including herbed butter, anchovy paste, meats, cheeses, slices of hard-cooked eggs and sweet pickles
  • Sweden: Smoregasbord , a buffet laden with curved fish, cold meats, cheeses, salads, and vegetables.
  • Norway: Lutefish- dried cod soaked in culinary ash and water
  • Finland: Karelian: hot pot is a stew if beef, pork, and lamb, often served with potatoes or turnips
  • Iceland: mutton , and lamb , fish, game , and diary foods and potatoes , rutabagas, cabbage, and rhubarb .

Mediterranean ( Southern Europe )

  • Mediterranean diet is based on whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables , fish and poultry , with smaller amounts of meat and diary foods.
  • Spain , Greece , Portugal , Italy
  • Spain: Marzipan- a confection made of almond paste and sugar
  • Portugal- Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa - layered casserole of salt cod , sliced potatoes and sauteed onion and garlic garnished with hard-cooked eggs and black olives
  • Italy: Pesto- a sauce of ground basil, pine nuts , garlic , Parmesan cheese , and olive oil served with fettuccine
  • Greece: Dolma- a stuffed vegetable dish