Weekly News for Room 205

Ms. Howey's Class

September 26-September 30, 2016

  • We took our 2nd spelling test last week. As you look at your child’s test, please notice if the words are not spelled correctly, is the spelling close or not to being correct? Also, did your child study their words? Did they do well without studying? This will help to make an informed decision about how challenging your child's words need to be. It's also important to monitor that your child knows the meaning of the words they are studying. Thanks!

  • Pringles Challenge Update: We'll finish building/designing our packages with our partners. We are also measuring each package's volume and mass. Ask your child if they remember the formulas for these measurements!

We were also lucky to get to Skype with Mr. Fenech,

a packaging engineer with Mondelez International.

Our Skype guest helps to design & improve packages for some of their tasty products! He helped design the packaging on Oreos & Chips Ahoy

that allows the pkg. to be resealed...so cool!

We now have another career to consider!:)

Our class asked questions about materials and shipping,

and he gave us some great advice for our Pringles pkgs.

We also set up another challenge, working together, our class will design a pkg. for 1 Oreo, and we'll ship it to Mr. Fenech in New Jersey. Once he receives the pkg., his team of about 40 engineers will evaluate it (and the Oreo) at their weekly packaging group meeting, and give us feedback! How cool is that?! :)

It's so good to be connected!

Thanks to the Bouton Family for helping us to make this awesome connection!

  • SOCKS!! WE NEED YOUR SOCKS! Well, not the ones on your feet! We use socks to erase our dry-erase boards. So, if you have any socks that you no longer wear, or have lost their mate, please donate them to our class. We'd very much appreciate it, if you'd wash them first! :)

  • Things to ask your child about: Pringles Challenge, Breakout EDU, Storybird.

  • Just an FYI for future parties/treats, we have the following allergies in our class: nut, soy, milk, egg & gluten.

  • Thank you for supporting your child's reading growth by making sure that they get plenty of practice, at least 20 minutes per night. We will be transitioning to a class blog in the coming weeks, stay tuned for more info.

  • I appreciate our parents continuing to sign the planners nightly.

  • Remember...together we’re better!
Sincerely, Susan Howey

Teamwork Breakout

We had 8 teams of 3, and each team had to solve their own puzzle in order to get the combination/word/key/directions to open their lock! After opening all 8 locks, we were able to open the Breakout box! Inside the box, there were "Smarties" and Breakout EDU book marks! The teamwork and perseverance our class displayed was amazing, we can't wait to break out again!

We Broke Out with 5 minutes and 40 seconds left! (adjusted to 2 min. & 40 sec. if you count the Hint Card!)

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Skyping with Mr. Fenech @ Mondelez International! Yum!

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This short video shows some of the brands that Mondelez Intl. owns! Hungry?

Mondelēz International Our Brands Advertising Montage (Global)

Working On Our Packages! #TEAMWORK

Watching the End of Stone Fox!

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Ways to Help Your Child Read (better)

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