Art Through a Deaf Persons Life

By: Jenna DeVito

Why is Art Important to the Deaf?

The use of color. Most artists are usually painters but some can be sculptures, photographers, and learning/teaching art. Many artists paint their culture, hands, mouth, ears and eyes. Art also has deaf performers.


Deaf Art Deaf is culture

What is De'VIA and D-PAN

De'VIA is Deaf View/Image Art which means the view of how deaf artists view their deaf experiences and culture. De'VIA is fun for the deaf.

D-PAN is Deaf Professional Arts Network. Deaf artists from all over to make videos, news, and music.

Sean Forbes

A rapper who loves music, and is the co- founder of D-Pan. He has many songs that is important to the deaf culture and Sean has his own album called, "Perfect Imperfection".
D-PAN ASL Music Video: "Fireflies" by Owl City

Vocab that is good to know: