Spartan Scoop 16

December 11, 2015

December Items and Need to Knows:

GBE Winter Book Celebrations for the remainder of the Month:

12/15- Polar Express Day -- Wear PJ's or Cozy Clothing; A treat and Read Aloud as other days

12/18- Festive Sweater Day-- Wear your most festive sweater!

Caroling Around the Tree at 9 am in the School Square.

We will try to get photo opps each of these days! If you can catch a photo please share!

Envisions Questions- I have not received any feedback on extra PD for Envisions-- this is something we would implement after break. Please email me if you are interested.

Google Site Training will be offered after we return from break. Please watch for a schedule to be shared. Our goal is to have all websites changed over to Google Sites and updated. If you site is still not up to date you will need to adjust this information.

Intruder Drill- Plan to be proactive and structure in a lesson for your students regarding the drill. Mr. Samuel has created a document that outlines this lesson and verbiage to use with students. This needs to be done before December 14th.

A letter has been sent to prompt parents of the drill. This is one Mr. Samuel created and shared with each of you.

There is a MANDATORY LETTER that you must send home the day we do the drill. Please make sure to follow this expected protocol.

Shine December Newsletter:

Monday, December 14th CLT: Westran will be here to share with us about the Journeys Reading Program. If you are not a teacher directly working with Journeys you are not required to attend this presentation. All teachers that directly work with students or are a part of our Literacy team must attend.

Expectation of those not at the presentation would be to be working on your data/scoring for your SLO's recently given for the second benchmark or your Smart Goals that you have to complete for the year.

BLT Members will visit with their team this week and bring back thoughts from grade levels regarding RTI essential questions I asked you to consider. This discussion will bring together collaboration on structuring of RTI after break. Thank you everyone for giving me time on Friday morning to talk to you. I know it was a busy day.

Nurse Visits: Teachers our number of students that are visiting the nurse are at a high. We need to make sure that when sending a student to the nurse it is for something that is necessary and cannot be taken care of by the teacher. Such as a band-aid, drink of water, cold compress from a paper towel.

To Do's:

  • Peer Observations- the document shared out gives you a guide for this requirement. Get these set up before the time sneaks up on you in March!
  • DRA's for the Winter Testing Window need to be completed and entered by January 22nd.
  • SLO's Data Points need to be shared with Sheila as they are completed. She needs five data points throughout the year for CWG. All grade reps communicated that the plan for these extra data points has been made. Talk to your grade rep.
  • As you enter data make sure that you are keeping me up to date with your SLO's you have shared with me also. I need to be seeing how we are moving students. This is valuable conversation that we can use during CLT. We need to have our second data point entered by January 8th. We will look at this information along with Star scores at CLT for teams to make decisions about RTI and what our students need.
  • Keep your parents informed via email and your newsletters! If you are not a team that does a group or individual newsletter then you need to attend the Google Site training to create your website for parents to access info. This is an expectation.
  • Start implementing your ideas to conserve paper. We are WELL over our budget for the year. Here are some thoughts:
  1. Newsletter or Important info to parents send ONLY paper copies to parents that do not have a working email address in SIS. You will need to look at this and do the footwork to make it happen.
  2. Use Remind 101 with your parents to text info they need quickly.
  3. Use your Google Site to give parents info.
  4. Use the messaging feature on Class Dojo to communicate with parents.

  • Grade cards are due in SIS by January 6th. They are now open to start entering your scores. Make sure you talk to your team/grade reps if you are confused about marking grades. Also, make sure to write comments for each student.

Lollipop Moments:

Kim Welch-- Thank you for taking the time to email me and let me know how the video I shared was something that you found inspirational. I appreciate the feedback! :) Angie Doss

Our Sped Team for taking on extra work to help out while we are working on filling our fifth grade role. Thank you April and Kelsey!

4th grade would like to give Brandy a lollipop moment, she organized all of our DRA kits, made all of our copies, she did amazing!

December Birthdays to Celebrate!


Cher Smith-13th

Lindsey Hull-14th

Calendar Events that are Coming Up Next week:

Monday, December 14th

7:45 am MAP mtg. 8am - 9am CLT-Westran Teachers to talk about Journeys

9:35am - 10:35am 4th Grade Awards Assembly

1:35pm - 1:50pm Intruder Drill - letter goes home!

2:35pm - 3:25pm 3rd Grade Rehearsal

6pm - 7pm 3rd Grade Performing Arts Performance

Tuesday, December 15th

Spartan Chorale Tour

Staff Christmas Luncheon

Santa Store

Care Team at 7:45 for 5th Grade

4A Writing Gallery 9:30

4B Writing Gallery 2:10

Wednesday, December 16th

Santa Store

Sped Staffing at 7:45

Spartan Chorale sings in gym @ 8:25

Tornado and Fire Drill combo @ 9:30

Thursday, December 17th

GBE Literacy Team 7:45

4th Gr PBS Success 8:45

3rd Gr PBS Success 12:40

ICC at CO 4:00

Friday, December 18th

Early Out

Classroom Holiday Parties times vary

Carol around the tree @ 9:00

Upcoming Dates:

December 21-January 3: Christmas Break!!!

January 4: Staff and Students Back to School!

January 7: Health and Advisory Meeting-MHS PD Room 4:00

January 11: CLT Mrs. McCluskey will be at GBE to discuss our Long Range Facility Plan with Staff. We begin at 8 in the Music room.

Holiday Party info Clarifications for Teachers:

  1. Everyone should have gotten the lists of parents that were contacted by PTO to help with a game or craft. If you have not been contacted by the parent/parents yet make contact with a parent from the slips given to you by Friday. If you are unable to secure any help with games or crafts email PTO.
  2. We have all food and drink items for the parties. After we sing around the tree teachers are to enter the Cafe and pick up veggie trays, Little Debbie snacks, and juice boxes. These will be organized for you to pick up prior to that time.
  3. Allergies- if a student in your class has an allergy the Nurse has the food items you will need for that student. If you are unsure check with Ms. Hull.
  4. Treat Bags: Parents were to pick up the treats, if you had any sent in by parents, that were to be used to make treat bags. If you are unsure of whether or not you are to have treat bags or are lacking treat bags for your room email PTO.
  5. Here is PTO's email
  6. Each grade level was to have a lead parent helping organize everything. If you need assistance email Michelle and she can direct any questions.

Sonic Drink Appreciation Day for a GBE Grade Level/Team

Wednesday, Jan. 6th 2016 at 12am

1320 Gratz-Brown Street

Moberly, MO

I promised early on in the year that each grade level/team would get a day that they received a Sonic drink of choice as an appreciation from us. We have featured our third grade team early on in the year for Sonic Treats. It is now time to move onto fourth grade! Something to look forward to when we return from break. Don't worry if you have not had your day yet! You will -- one team at a time helps my pocket book. ;)