Alex Haley and Satchel

Tabitha Ramprashad

The Life of Alex Haley

  • Alex Haley's mom was a teacher when he was a kid.
  • For 5 years Alex Haley had lived with his mother and his grandparents in Henning, Tennessee.
  • Haley sent articles and stories to magazine publishers. He got rejected by most of the publishers, but he was soon promoted to chief journalist of Coast Guard.
  • Haley was highly decorated veteran, but he also got rewards like metals and they named the Coast Guard Cutter After Alex Haley TOO!

Satchel Paige

  • Satchel was born on July 7,1906, in Mobile, Alabama.
  • He denied to enter the Major Leagues. Satchel began to play baseball in the Negro Leagues.
  • Also Satchel became most famous showman, then he finally entered the Major League as a "42-year-old-rookie", and inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1971.
  • Paige played for teams all over the country from California, Maryland, and then played for the New York Yankees.
  • Then he became a lifetime legend by attracting crowds wherever he pitched. So basically he was really popular and he had a lot of fans.