How to be a good babysitter

what parents look for in a sitter.

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teenagers! when babysitting remember that while they may be frustrating you were once a a little munchskin. Always remember to keep calm and stay focused on them all the time.

- the most important thing to know or do when you babysit, when you set the rules don't the first day you have to stick with them the second or third time. Remember they are very naive and don't know or think as much as you do.

-Do give them a little snack that is healthy preferably when they something good. Dont get frustrated, cause so will they. DO NOT get on your phone cause they will be gone real fast.

-activities you could be able to do would be - going outside and playing tag or hide n seek (only in house). You could play board games or read book or get on PBS, Nick Jr, Sesame Street websites.

Advice: Babysitting Tips and Tricks (with game ideas)

Some other tips

- if you have multiple kids, do not show favoritism. Always treat them equaly.

- if there is more than one child let one pick the activity and the other pick the next one.

-if there is more than one activity the one of them practice reading to you and the others.

- try not to wear anything scandolous when you are with the kids or are applying.

-And DO NOT invite any one over unless it is the paper.