The Voice of Raleigh Park - May 3, 2019

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Spring Has Sprung!

Hello Tigers!

Yes, I know. Spring officially began over a month ago. However, our weather of late seems to be an emphatic reminder of what's around the corner. W. Earl Hall is quoted, “Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day”. No words ring truer as I fight my ADD tendencies in writing this newsletter, all the while lamenting the Vitamin D infusion I am missing.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all who were able to attend our spring fundraiser and 60th birthday party for Raleigh Park last Saturday. By all accounts, it was a fun and fruitful evening in which we were able to raise some money for our school; your generosity never ceases to amaze! Thank you to Jessica Wilde and Kristina Perry for co-chairing this very important event that ultimately serves each of our students.

As we look to the coming week, please do not forget the Raleigh Park International Carnival is TONIGHT. Rare are the times we are able to come together as a school community in such a fashion. Of course, it is also a joy to witness an unending line of students who, for some reason, want to see their dear principal get wet. My sincere thanks to our carnival co-chairs, Gretchen Cook and Brooke Goodman, and the many volunteers who make this event possible!

Meanwhile, teacher appreciation week starts Monday. Please join me in recognizing this group of outstanding teachers who orchestrate the learning and growth of your children. I am truly humbled when I enter classrooms and witness them carry the enormous responsibility that accompanies your trust in Raleigh Park. I’ve never worked with a more dedicated group of educators who are singularly focused in their love for your children and their learning. Recognition never enters the equation as to why we engage in this vital work. Yet, your kindness continually touches us and provides a much-needed shot in the arm during this busy time of year.

Lastly, this is a reminder that this Wednesday, May 8, has been designated by the Beaverton Education Association (the BEA is the District's teachers union) as a walkout “Day of Action”. The purpose of the walkout is to draw statewide attention to the need for adequate funding for K-12 education after three decades of instability. The May 8 walkout impacts our ability to safely operate schools, so this is a NON-STUDENT DAY. However, free student breakfast (8-9am) and lunch (11am-12pm) to any child between ages of 1-18, will be provided at Raleigh Park and ACMA. Parents need to accompany/supervise their children.

My best,


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Spring Garden Cleanup: TOMORROW, May 4

The tulips are blooming and we’re getting the Raleigh Park garden ready for summer. Come rain or shine, bring the entire family! Whether you come for 30 minutes, or stay the whole time, the work party is a great opportunity to help our school and get to know other Raleigh Park families. No experience or garden tools necessary just show up and join in as we prepare the garden for summer.

WHERE: Raleigh Park Garden

WHEN: Saturday, May 4, 1:00-3:00p

The Raleigh Park Garden is a rich addition to our school that contributes to our students' learning environment. The Raleigh Park Garden provides our students an opportunity to connect with the natural world, to get their hands dirty and learn to appreciate the importance of eating fresh foods.

Also, the next garden committee meeting Monday, April 29 at 3:30 in the garden.

Budget & Staffing UPDATE

I want to thank everyone who attended our budget meeting on Wednesday. Also, my appreciation to Beaverton School Board member, Tom Colett, for rearranging his very busy calendar to spend the evening with us and answering some very good questions with transparency and sincerity.

To review where we are as a District:

  • An anticipated District-wide shortfall of $35 million for 2019-20
  • District-wide personnel reductions that include administrative, teacher and classified staff
  • A budget reduction of 15% across schools
  • An increase in student-teacher ratio/class sizes
  • Elimination of funding for PYP coordinators and PYP world language teachers (among other programs)
  • Reduction of elementary intervention teachers from full-time to half-time

To review where we are as a school:

  • Beyond PYP, and specific to the increased student-teacher ratio, Raleigh Park's projected enrollment currently allocates (13) K-5 classrooms for the 2019-20 school year. Some simple math brings us to the conclusion that we will have (2) classrooms per grade level...with the exception of one grade level that will have (3).

As we move forward, the Beaverton School District budget information can be found HERE, inclusive of meeting dates and budget notes/documents.

"But Brian...I heard/read that all will be okay, now that the Student Success Act has passed?"

No so fast...

The Student Success Act passing out of the legislature is just the first step. It will be referred to voters next year, so this funding is not guaranteed. Even if it does pass, it wont help us next year. Unless the state reprioritizes existing revenue, the solution will be too late to save us for next year...

State Representative: Sheri Schouten

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1427

Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-280, Salem, Oregon 97301

Email: Rep.SheriSchouten@oregonlegislature.gov

State Senator: Mark Hass

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1714

Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, S-207, Salem, Oregon 97301

Email: Sen.MarkHass@oregonlegislature.gov

Joint Ways & Means Committee:

Phone: 503-986-1828

Address: 900 Court St. NE, Room H-178, Salem OR 97301

Email: waysandmeans.budget@oregonlegislature.gov

Governor Kate Brown

Office of the Governor

900 Court Street NE, Suite 254

Salem, OR 97301-4047

Phone: (503) 378-4582

Parent Feedback Regarding Student Placement

As we plan for the 2019-20 school year, we invite parent input regarding your child’s characteristics and needs as a learner. As always, we want to create the best possible learning environment for all students at Raleigh Park. Much thought and care go in to building balanced classes specific to gender, skills and individual needs; we work exceedingly hard within a multistep process to balance all of these factors, and feel strongly that we develop class compositions that make for a successful year.

Moving forward, it is important to note: grade level teams create class rosters without regard to specific teachers. Rosters are numbered and forwarded to me for review and subsequent teacher assignment. As such, please know specific teacher requests (to your child’s current teachers or me) cannot be honored. We take student class placements seriously and hope you trust our process to find a home for your child with any one of our outstanding teachers. While not required, please feel free to complete the survey below and return to the school office by Friday, May 10.

*The survey below was created using Google Forms, and is sometimes browser-dependent. Please let us know if you are having trouble accessing the survey.

Katoh Japanese Visitation Program

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Safe Routes to School: Parent’s Guide to Walk + Bike Day

Each year at least 30 BSD schools participate in National Walk + Bike Day (May 15, 2019) and many go the extra mile for Walk + Bike Challenge Month through May 31. Registered schools get to take home free incentives from Beaverton Safe Routes to School.

Why participate? How about: clean air, savings on gas, less crowded parking lots, safer streets with more people on foot, and lots of school pride. Many schools are hosting bike fairs and other events to gear up.

For info on preferred walk/bike routes at your school, and to sign up for the event, visit: http://www.beavertonsaferoutes.org/register.html.

State Assessment Score Reporting

Student Test Results in ParentVUE - The administration of our state assessments for grades 3-5 are currently taking place, and will continue through May. State test scores will be available in ParentVUE! You will be able to see your child’s test results sooner than in prior years with less impact on the environment. For the English Language Arts and Math tests, a student’s score is available in ParentVUE two weeks after both parts of the test are completed (see your child's teacher for more specific dates). Due to the implementation of the new state science test this year, science scores will not be available until next fall after passing scores are identified by the Oregon Department of Education. The Testing Information tab in ParentVUE has links to additional information about your child’s scores. If you need assistance activating a ParentVUE account, please contact your child’s school. Learn more about ParentVUE. Please note: these scores are not currently available in the ParentVue phone app. Students whose parents/guardians do not have an active ParentVUE account will receive a paper report of test scores. Paper score reports with English Language Arts and Math test results with will be sent home with students on the last day of school. Score reports will be mailed over the summer for students with English Language Arts and Math test results that arrive after the paper score reports are printed in June. Students with at least one parent/guardian with ParentVUE access may request a printed report by contacting Kay Jenkins by email at kay_jenkins@beaverton.k12.or.us or by phone at 503.356.4594.


Resultado de los Exámenes de los Estudiantes en ParentVUE - El resultado de las evaluaciones estatales estará disponible en ParentVUE! Usted podrá ver el resultado de los exámenes de su hijo antes que en los años anteriores y con menos impacto en el medio ambiente. Los resultados de las evaluaciones de inglés y matemáticas de los estudiantes, estarán disponibles en ParentVUE dos semanas después de que se contesten ambas partes de la evaluación. Debido a la implementación de la nueva prueba estatal de ciencias, las calificaciones de ciencias estarán disponibles hasta el próximo otoño después de que el Departamento de Educación de Oregon haya identificado las calificaciones aprobatorias. El resultado de las evaluaciones de ciencias estará disponible en ParentVUE tres días después de que se complete la evaluación. La pestaña Testing Information en ParentVUE tiene enlaces con información adicional acerca de los resultados de su hijo. Si necesita ayuda para activar una cuenta de ParentVUE, por favor comuníquese a la escuela de su hijo. Aprenda más acerca de ParentVUE. Por favor tenga en cuenta que los resultados no están actualmente disponibles en la aplicación móvil ParentVue. Los padres o tutores que no tengan una cuenta activa de ParentVUE recibirán un informe impreso con los resultados de las evaluaciones. El reporte impreso con los resultados se enviará a casa con los estudiantes el último día de clases. Los reportes se enviarán por correo durante el verano para los estudiantes cuyos resultados lleguen después de que se hayan impreso los reportes en junio. Los estudiantes que tengan por lo menos un padre o tutor con acceso a ParentVUE pueden pedirle a Kay Jenkins un reporte impreso comunicándose a kay_jenkins@beaverton.k12.or.us o por teléfono al 503.356.4594.

2019 Annual Elementary & Middle School Student Survey

Each year the District surveys students to gather information for planning, program evaluation, and assessment of progress on the District’s Strategic Plan. The 2019 surveys for elementary and middle school students will be given to students April 8-June 7, 2019.

The student survey takes about 20 minutes during the regular school day. The data gathered from the surveys are anonymous; your child will not put his/her name or other identifying information on the survey.

Student surveys in middle schools include three optional questions for students to identify their gender, ethnicity/race, and sexual orientation. These questions allow for additional levels of analysis of questions on inclusion, safety and bullying.

Your child may skip questions or stop filling out the survey at any time. Refusing to participate or withdrawing from the survey does not affect your child's grades or class standing in any way. If you or your child do not want to participate, your child can read or do some other activity while his or her classmates complete the survey.

Copies of all 2019 Student Surveys are available on the District’s Research & Reports webpage, or at your child’s school. After reviewing the survey, if you do not want your child to participate, please notify their school.

Bilingual Teacher Pathway Program

The bilingual Teacher Pathway Program (BTP) has been redesigned to fill a critical shortage of bilingual/bicultural teachers. They are looking for bilingual candidates interested in elementary education to join their program for the 2020-2021 school year.

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Just because...


  • 4 - Spring Garden Cleanup, 1:00 - 3:00p
  • 6-10 - Teacher Appreciation Week
  • 7 - 2nd Grade to Newmark Theater, 11:00 - 1:30p
  • 8 - Early Release, 1:30p
  • 9 - Community Meeting, 8:40a
  • 14 - PTO Meeting, 7:00p
  • 15 - Walk + Bike to School Day
  • 15 - Early Release, 1:30p
  • 16 - 1st Grade Music Program, 6:30p
  • 22 - Early Release, 1:30p
  • 24 - RPTV
  • 24 - 3rd Grade Extravaganza in the Library
  • 29 - Early Release, 1:30p
  • 29 - Passport Club, 8:00a
  • 31 - Volunteer Breakfast, 9:00a


  • 4 - Field Day
  • 5 - Early Release, 1:30p
  • 6 - Community Meeting, 8:40a
  • 6 - 2nd Grade to Rice NW Rock Museum, 9:45a - 1:15p
  • 6 - 5th Grade Exhibition, 6:00 - 7:30p
  • 7 - 1st Grade to OMSI, 9:30a - 1:30p
  • 10 - Alternate Field Day
  • 11 - PTO Meeting, 8:30a
  • 11 - Passport Club Celebration, 2:00p
  • 12 - Early Release, 1:30p
  • 13 - Talent Show
  • 14 - RPTV
  • 14 - Student's Last Day, Regular Dismissal - "Have a great summer!"