Boeing 747 vs F-22 Raptor

Ravindu Weeratunga

A Boeing 747 is a commercial jet used to travel long distances. The F-22 Raptor is a state of the art fighter jet used by the American Air Force (AAF).In this example, these two air giants fly between Toronto Pearson International Airport and London Heathrow Airport. The Boeing 747 flies from Toronto to London while the F-22 flies from London to Toronto. Assuming both airplanes took off at the same time, when will they be at the same point? The graph below depicts the time that has passed by, relative to the airplanes distance from Toronto.

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let t equal time gone by in hours

let d equal distance from Pearson international airport

Calculating P.O.I

Notice how there is a point where both lines intersect.(P.O.I) This specific point stands for the time and distance covered when both planes meet during their flight path.

-2000t + 5500 = 1000t

5500 = 3000t

5500/3000 = t

11/6 = t

(1 ⅚)

Now the time that that both planes meet will be at 1 hour and 50 minutes. To find the distance from Toronto at this point, the value of t must be substituted into either equation of either plane. In this case, the Boeing 747’s equation is used.

d = 1000t

d = 1000(11/6)

d = 1833 ⅓

d = -2000t + 5500

d = 1000t


Therefore, the two airplanes will meet at precisely 1833 ⅓ km from Toronto after an hour and 50 minutes of flying time.

reminder: An F-22 Raptor's flying height usually exceeds 50000 ft but a Boeing 747 generally flies at 40 000 ft therefore a collision will be avoided at the point of intersection.