A How to Use Guide

Go to the App Store: download “Follett Brytewave k-12” on to your ipad / or smartphone

The first time you open it - you will need to put in this Follettshelf URL:


To CheckOut : a Folletshelf eBook :

(Your Username and Pass Word : It is the Same as Your Student Drive)

Username is : 1st intial/last name/last 4 digits of student id #

Password is : last 6 digits of student id #

Check “Stay logged In”

Click on: “My Library” – to see books

(The books that you see 1st are ONLY the “most recent” books that were ordered)

Click on:“A-Z” to see ALL books in the eLibrary

In “Cover” view : click on the “i" (or on the word "info")

Click on: “ Checkout”

Click on: “Open” to Read

To Download and read without wifi:

Click on: “Download”

Click on: the arrow (or slidebar) to turn pages

Slidebar changes pages quickly

(Tap in the middle of the screen to see page #)

(Tap on the page # to make slide bar appear)

Click on: The “Aa” to choose 1 or 2 page view and other options

Click on: “menu =” icon to Go back to the eLibrary

Or to your eReader to move back online by “removing it from the device”

(“Online” it lets u take notes, highlight, etc.)

When you are finished reading a book…

Click on: Menu "=” icon and go to “My eCheckouts”

To “Return” book early

Go to “MyLibrary” for a new book

You may check out 1 ebook at a time

The ebook is checked out to you for 7 days

Then it disappears back onto the virtual bookshelf

If you do not want a book – just return it early J

Then Click on: “Check out more books”

To get another book J

“Online” it lets u read book on a desktop or laptop online where you can highlight, take notes, etc.

Reading an ebook on desktop

A how to use guide for reading Follettshelf ebook on a desktop