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College and Career Lesson

During November, 6th grade students began talking about their future after high school with a lesson about college and careers. We talked about how middle school is part of the journey to their future and the importance of education beyond high school.

Students had an opportunity to assess their own personality through the use of a planning tool from New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation. The students were guided through an inventory of different interests, skills, qualities and talents to help them determine different types of careers that may be of interest to them. We discussed how matching a career to areas that you are interested in can be a great way to start to think about what you may want to do after you graduate from high school. Depending on your career choice you may be looking at a 2 or 4 year college, or perhaps a technical school.

We discussed with students what they can do to begin to explore some of the information they learned about. Things such as internet searches about a career or college, talking to adults who do one of the jobs they are interested in, and certainly talking with us - the counselors here at school.

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Student Assistance Program at the Middle School

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a confidential resource for students and parents for children who may be experiencing any variety of stressors either at school or at home. Some reasons a student may want to speak with the SAP counselor could be: difficulty dealing with stress, anxiety/depression, bullying, peer pressure, friend issues, home issues and substance abuse. This program is open to any and all students or parents if they have more questions about what help is available.

In December the SAP counselor will be in the 7th grade Family and Consumer Science classroom giving presentations on topics such as stressors in adolescents/ becoming a teenager, bullying, family issues, substance abuse and peer pressure.

The SAP Counselor at the middle school is Amanda Senecal, MSW, MLADC. She is here on Tuesday and Thursdays and is located in room 102E. She can be reached at or by calling the middle school.

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Another Great Tool for Student Success

We are excited to announce that our new subscription to the Middle Years newsletter has arrived and can be accessed via the link on our Student Services page. This will be a monthly offering with a wide variety of middle school topics. You will find everything from study tips to challenges faced by parents and teens during these years. We hope you find this newsletter useful and interesting and take the opportunity to follow it monthly.

Student Services Staff

6th Grade Counselor: Diana Zeller

7th Grade Counselor: Lori Brodeur

8th Grade Counselor: Ray Carpenter

Student Assistance Program (SAP) Counselor: Amanda Senecal

Student Services Administrative Assistant: Amy Durrell