Monday Minutes

November 5, 2018

I want to take a moment to thank you for the fabulous job you're doing with our book study on total participation techniques. I have seen so many of the strategies implemented as I've been doing observations and walk throughs! Take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Your students are engaged and interacting about lessons in new and exciting ways. This idea of total participation connects well to another idea I've been thinking about lately - the idea that, as teachers, we have a tendency to talk too much. I dreaded the moments in the classroom when I had to give directions several times! I've attached an article at the bottom of this newsletter that provides some ideas for how to limit teacher talk. Many of these align to what we are already doing with total participation techniques. I encourage you to pick one of the suggestions, try it out, and see what happens!

Instructional Minute

On Thursday I had the opportunity to attend a technology training presented by someone I have followed on Twitter for years. This training got me thinking about how we utilize technology in the classroom. We are so fortunate to have access to Chromebooks, iPads, and a whole host of programs to help our students reinforce and extend their thinking. My biggest take-away at this training involved thinking about the effective components of instruction and how to make technology effective in the classroom. We examined TPACK, which layers content knowledge (what to teach), pedagogical knowledge (how to teach), and knowledge of technology (how to integrate technology so that it doesn't detract from learning). When we are planning for instruction, the perfect opportunity to discuss technology presents itself. Consider the content, best instructional practices, and how technology can enhance the learning experience so that the learning is meaningful and effective.

Upcoming Events

November 5-7 - 5th Grade Camp

November 7 - Team Leader Meeting 3:00 PM

November 9 - PTA General Assembly Meeting/Science Night 6:00 PM

November 13 - Extended planning for teachers

November 14 - Principal Meeting (Bryan and Wendy out AM)

November 14 - Staff Meeting

November 15 - Progress Notes go home

November 15 - Baby shower for Mrs. Mann 3:00 PM

November 16 - 4th Grade field trip to OLC

November 19-23 Thanksgiving Break