News Flash!

By: Maddie, Rahniya, Alek, and Ryan

Lincoln's assassination unwitingly occurred because circumstances easily allowed it to happen.

Lack of Security

At the time of Lincoln's presidency, there was no Secret Service. Having the secret service would protect Lincoln from harm. If there was a Secret Service, he may have not been assassinated. Also, only one man was designed to protect Lincoln the night of his assassination. This man wasn't even guarding Lincoln! He watched the show from all different parts of the theatre and when Lincoln was killed, he was found in a saloon!

Lincoln Made Many Public Appearances and Speeches

Lincoln made numerous amounts of speeches and public appearances throughout his presidency. As stated above, there was very little security and basically anyone could get within reach of the President. Speeches include the Gettysburg Address in 1863, the Farewell Address in 1861, the First Inaugural Address in 1861, the Second Inaugural Address in 1865, and the Last Public Address in 1865. There are plenty more speeches. At basically every speech he gave, there was a huge audience and all it takes in one person to shoot him.

What about General Grant? Could Lincoln be at fault?

Many people think that General Grant could have saved Lincoln's life and jumped in to fight off the assassin. Yes, he could have but Lincoln brought him to the show as a companion, to enjoy the show, not to be his body guard.

Furthermore, people think Lincoln is at his own fault because he had made so many speeches and so many public appearances during his presidency. Knowing that he is the President of the United States, it his job to give speecehs and make public appearanes. Without making these, people would be so critical of him and therefore, he would not be doing his job effectively.