Language World 2014: ALL Joined Up

Dear Exhibitors

Thank you for supporting Language World by exhibiting with us. The exhibition is an important part of the event and we hope it was a worthwhile and profitable few days for you, giving you access to our influential, decision-making delegates.

We hope you will join us again at Language World 2015 and we will inform you of the details in due course.

What our delegates said about this year's exhibition:

"Well organised. Nice to see lots of small exhibitors with interesting ideas."

"Buzzing, busy, beautiful people. Loved it!"

"Great buzz - very efficient and friendly atmosphere, packed with ideas."

" ...always so well organised. Love the exhibition."


Photos from the conference are now uploaded on our website. Click here to see our gallery.

If you are in any of the photographs and you’d rather that we didn’t use it, please let us know as soon as possible and we’ll take it off the website.

Who else was there?

Language World always has a large and varied exhibition showcasing the latest in language learning resources and support. Click here to view who else exhibited this year.

Sessions at Language World

Should you wish to know more about the sessions that took place this year, here's our Friday and Saturday programme including speakers' presentations and handouts.

Association for Language Learning

The Association for Language Learning (ALL) is the major subject association for those involved in teaching foreign languages at all levels.

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