wooden roller coaster

Motions of The Prowler

The Prowler has two types of motion, projectile and straight-line motion. The projectile motion is how you first start off, you start off by going upwards on a hill to get the thrill ride going and getting people excited, but as you go on it also has the same projectile motion because it has multiple hills throughout the ride. The straight-line motion is having the sharp turns in the ride, it also occurs when slowing down at the end of the ride.


The Prowler has a speed of about 51 mph. Its acceleration does change throughout the ride, when you first start off, it goes slow, but as you get going it gets faster. Around the sharp turns in the ride, it slows and gives off the jerking affect, then bringing its speed back up to make it seem its still going the same speed the whole time.


The forces in the Prowler affect both the rider and itself. One force is gravity, the gravity pulls the ride and the riders upward but when the ride goes down the hill, it pushes the ride and riders downward. Another force is air resistance, the ride and rider is moving against the wind.

Newton's 1st Law

The Prowler remains at rest until the instructors make the ride move, the Prowler continues the move until it comes to a stop which is at the end of the ride.