Local Winds and Global Winds

General Information on Wind

Definition of Winds: Wind is the sideways movement of air. The air moves from an area of high pressure to area of low pressure.

What Causes Winds: Winds are caused by the differences in air pressure and unequal heating of the earth's surface.

Information on Local Winds

Definition of Local Winds: Local winds are winds that blow over a short distance

Description of What cause Local Winds: Local winds are caused by the unequal heating of earth's surface within a small area.

Description of How Sea Breezes Blow: Sea breezes blow from the sea towards the land because the sun heat both the water and the land but the land heats up faster then the water. This causes the air above the land to becomes warmer than the air above the water. The cooler and heavier air that is over the water moves towards the land.

Description of How Land Breezes Blow: Land breezes move from the land towards the sea because in the evening the sun goes down the land and the water cool off but the land cools off faster than the water. The water becomes warmer than the land. The warmer, lighter air above the water rises. Cooler, heavier air that is over the land moves in to take it place. This air that moves out from the land and heads towards the sea is a land breeze.

Information on Global Winds

Definition of Global Winds: A global wind is a wind that blows steadily over a long distance. A global wind blows from the same direction every time. Global winds occur over a large area

Description of How Global Winds are Created: The sun shines directly over the equator. The sun shines at an angle over the poles. Uneven heating of the Earth at the equator and the oles created giant convection currents.

Doldrums: Doldrums the calm area at where air rises at the equator.

Trade winds: Trade winds blow from the horse latitudes toward the equator.

Polar Easterlies: Polar Easterlies blow cold air away from the poles.

Prevailing Westerlies: Prevailing Westerlies blow away from the horse latitude.