The Hunger Games


The number of people

A total of 20 people were asked if they've seen or read The Hunger games. 5 people have never read or watched the movie. 0 just read the book, and 10 people both read The Hunger Games and watched the movie. 5 just watched the movie.

My entry

I was selected as a 15 yr old girl, with 9 members in my family and I had to do tesserae. By multipling I found my tessare based on my age. Which was 32. Then added the number of people who had to do tessrae, my equation was a - 11+ e + t and I got the total of 36 entries for The Hunger Games.

The number of girl entrys= 241, I have a 15% chance of getting picked.


I have a 36/241 or 15% chance of getting picked. I think i have a good chance of getting picked , I have more entries than alot of people. If I had a sister I would volunteer for her. I would volunteer for my brother but i couldn't because I know he would volunteer for me. I would say it's fair cause you have just about as much of a chance of getting picked as anyone else. It wouldn't be fair if people would vote someone off. I feel this is a better way.