We're On Our Way!

Who Said That The Sky Is The Limit?!

Our Special Day is Coming!

You've either heard of that girl from Albemarle, Hannah-Kathryn Wall or those twins from Salisbury, James and John Woodson. Well, we all found each other during the Piedmont Players production of " The Color Purple" in Salisbury, North Carolina. We saw that we all had similarities and we went from there. We went to Fayetville for auditions. harlotte for photo shoots, and ANYWHERE else where we can be recognized. Well, we found that place in Fayetville, North Carolina. We auditioned for Heather Knowles and now we are to go to Atlanta, Georgia THIS coming summer! So help us out and donate some cha- ching!

The Door Finally Opens...

Wednesday, May 1st 2013 at 4:30pm

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA

Just send donations, and support us!

Our Schedule

All through the month(s) we will be performing and getting in our studio time : )